Build a DIY Bathroom Vanity – Part 6 – Fitting the Granite Vanity Top

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This post is Part 6: Fitting the Granite Top in the series where I am building a 60″ DIY bathroom vanity from scratch. Be sure to check out the other parts in this series:


Building a DIY Bathroom Vanity - Part 6 - Fitting the Granite Top - See the whole series! Thrift Diving Blog


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Going to Pick Out the Granite Top
Test Fitting the Granite Top
Installation Day: Mounting the Sinks
Cutting Down the Partitions
Cutting Holes for the Faucets
Uh Oh! The Drawers Don’t Fit!

Going to Pick Out the Granite Top

When we bought our house in 2010, our Realtor has recommended Edmundo to us for replacing our kitchen cabinets. He did some other small projects in the house, like ripping out and replacing the wood paneling in the family room.

He was a cool guy and has always been one of my biggest supporters when it comes to my DIY projects!

I’ve asked him over the years to help with other projects (like when I replaced my back door).

So when he found out that I was doing this vanity, he was impressed and wanted to help.

Since he owns his own granite installation and contracting company, he knows his stuff when it comes to granite!

Plus, he’s got connections with local granite suppliers.

I was shocked when Edmundo said he would help me get the granite for my DIY bathroom vanity and that I should consider it a “birthday and Christmas” gift!

Seriously, I couldn’t believe his kindness!

Off he sent me to the granite yard to pick out a remnant from one of his suppliers.

When I arrived, I was excited to find there were so many choices!


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -0378


I immediately saw this white piece of granite with flecks of gray in it.


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -0380

It was perfect!

If you remember my new flooring from Carpet One, this floor (which looks like marble but is vinyl), the pattern had a lot going on.

So I needed to keep the granite top as simple as possible, so as not to compete with the flooring.


I Stand Here - Carpet One - Verostone Flooring Review


But unfortunately, there was some man’s name on it: TITO.

Who the heck was TITO and why did he need to lay claims on this granite that was so perfect?

Thankfully, the manager called this Tito fella and Tito couldn’t remember even laying claim to this piece.

So guess who got to select it?? 🙂

Woo hoo!


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -0381


Test Fitting the New Granite Vanity Top

Edmundo and his worker guy came over one day after the granite place had cut and buffed it, wanting to see how well it fit on the vanity.

I’m sure you see what the problem was, right?

Yep–those partitions that I posted about in this DIY vanity series, Part 3: Creating the Partitions.

I knew that I would have to cut them down, but I didn’t now how much.




I had planned to use these DECOLAV rectangular under mount bathroom sinks from The Home Depot. For $59 each, they were a great price, and had glowing reviews!

But we didn’t know how deep down we needed to trim the partitions.



So, during the test fit, we realized that:

  • I would have to cut the partitions down maybe 1.5″ (which later ended up being 5″! Keep reading…)
  • The granite was too deep for the vanity, so we’d had to cut a slice out of the drywall
  • The electrical outlet would need to be moved up to fit the granite backsplash


Installation Day: Mounting the Sinks

The day that Edmundo and his guy came back to install the granite, the first thing he had to do was make the markings on where the sinks would be, along with finding the center of the sink holes.

Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8324


He applied a lot of caulk to the lip of the sink…


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8342


…and also placed a lot of caulk around the opening where the sink will rest.


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8349


Then he gently set each sink down on the granite.

Apparently this caulk is super strong and you’ve only got about 5 mintues to get it right and straight!

Typically undermount sinks are installed once the granite is in place, but because I didn’t have much room in my bathroom, he had to installed the sinks face down.


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8345


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8350


The clips that he had to secure the sinks we too short, but thankfully I had some extra bolts to use with the clips.

While we waiting for those to dry, I took one of my reader’s suggestions and filled the plumbing gaps with very fine steel wool, to keep critters out.


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8333


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8335


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8337

We also tried to raise the electrical outlet, which proved to be tougher than we thought it would be!

Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8352

Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8356


Cutting Down the Partitions

We found that the sinks we much deeper than we thought!

Edmundo ended up cutting about 5″ off of the partitions!


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8364


I got a little scared because it was so close to the drawer sliders that I installed in Part 4 of this DIY bathroom vanity series.

NOTE: By this time, Edmundo had already secured the vanity to the studs in the walls using 2.5″ cabinet screws, which you can see in the back frame.


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8368


Thankfully, that 5″ was good enough and we could get the granite top.

But guess what that would mean….?

It means those drawers would fit. EEK…. Keep reading….



Cutting Holes for the Faucets

I loved the Kohler Worth 4 in. oil rubbed bronze faucets that I picked from The Home Depot!

Kohler Oil Rubbed Bronze bathroom faucet - Thrift Diving


To create the holes for those faucets, Edmundo drilled holes, while his guy used the dry vac to suck up the dust.


Once the faucets were in, it was time to connect the plumbing.

We ran into a few snags with that, as well, but nothing that a run to The Home Depot didn’t fix.

Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8391


OMG, Edmundo and his guy were there all day, from 9 a.m. until about 4 p.m.!

I didn’t realize that putting a granite bathroom vanity top on would take so long, but with all the little things that came up–from trimming the partitions, to running for plumbing items… Well, it took a long time.

Uh Oh…The Drawers Don’t Fit!

So remember this is what it looked like underneath the DIY bathroom vanity?

The sink did a number on my top vanity drawers….

The right-hand side was okay. All I did was sand down the edge a little, and it fit….




But the LEFT side….

I couldn’t get the drawer in but just a few inches before the sink prevented it from going on.

So I broke out my orbit sander and sanded the heck out of the drawer!


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8435


By the time I was done, I had a drawer that looked a bit like a wave. Or maybe a hill. HA!


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8431


Build-a-DIY-bathroom-vanity-adding-granite-countertop-Thrift-Diving -8433

But the good news is that it wasn’t all that noticeable.

And, I could get the drawers in!

So the next step in this series is the final step: adding finishing to the outside DIY bathroom vanity!


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  1. Hi Serena!

    Did you seal your granite top? I want to install a countertop in my bathroom too but as I understood it needs to be sealed. I read some articles to find good sealer but haven’t decide on it yet. Any recommendations? Thanks.

  2. Looking good. I have a tip For the plumbing. Change out the shut off valves on your water supply lines while everything is open underneath. We installed 1/4 turn shutoff valves on all our supply lines. One quick 1/4 turn and the water is off. Best thing we ever did.

    1. Oh darn, I didn’t do this while the vanity was open! I know what you mean about the ease of shut off, because our toilet has one of those 1/4 shut off values and it really IS so easy! I’ll be sure to do that when I update any other plumbing! Great tip!

  3. Linda Weeks says:

    Boy, your work around is a work of art! I’m sure you will still appreciate having drawers right there, and the sinks are awesome! Big big big job! I wouldn’t have even attempted such an involved project, but you do make it look great! Oh, yes, Pinned!

    1. LOL, big project indeed! I’ve learned so many things, Linda, especially the importance of planning, square corners, and that there is a solution for everything! šŸ™‚ Thanks for pinning it!!

  4. Candyce Blodgett says:

    I LOVE how you don’t give up!! It’s the most inspiring part! šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Candyce! I had come too far to give up! lol. This project has been do-or-die. I feel like I haven’t been able to move forward because I don’t have the vanity finished with dyes and topcoats yet. It needs to be done before I finish off the rest of the bathroom. But it’s coming along! šŸ™‚

  5. OMG, Good that you stuck with it. SO many obstacles. BTW, is that granite place in Mt Rainier?

    1. Hi, Valerie! The granite place is in College Park, Maryland. Some little obscure place way back in the cut. I was so happy to find this piece! Girl…every single step has been an obstacle! But it’s been fun figuring out how to make it work! Now I’m just stuck on the last part: the finishing and trying to get it JUST RIGHT!

  6. Linda Manuel says:

    Wow, Serena, it is so encouraging to see you work around the snags as they come up. For me, those snags are terrifying but I just go take a nap (or two) and approach them cautiously a bit at a time, and soon (well not always soon!) I get it all worked out.

    Sometimes it takes me a few naps more and ignoring the problem till I can handle facing it again! But you feel so good once you’ve done something really hard for you…I did without a light in the kitchen for 6 weeks before I finally got the courage to try one more time. It’s mostly a mindset I’m finding,, for me. Changing from how the hell can I do that! To I’m gonna do this or else.

    The sense of accomplishment is way far out there, right?!! And LOOK at what we are learning!!

  7. Lisa Roth says:

    We have a halfway decent vanity in our bathroom, although the bowl of the integrated sink has gotten pretty scratched up over the years before we bought our house. The vanity is also way too short for us, although our grandchildren don’t mind. The faucet has seen better days – a very long time ago. Suffice to say, a ‘new’ vanity is on the list. I am very glad that you posted all of this, with your snags and hold-ups and everything. Thank you!

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