Picking Out New Verostone Floor and 5 Questions to Ask

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The flooring in my master bathroom was horrible and needed to be replaced (we chose Verostone by Carpet One).

I feel bad saying it was horrible, especially because I know hubby hates when I “put down” our house for everyone to read.

But you have to call a spade is a spade, right?

Every day when you walk into the same room, over time you become immune to its dirt, its clutter, and blind to the fact that the space does nothing for your sense of pride in your home!

Can I get an amen?!

This is how the flooring looked in our master bathroom.


Picking out new VeroStone flooring from Carpet One - BEFORE - Thrift Diving


In the past, I was able to “make it work” with paint and a few decorative items (plus, removing the ugly wallpaper!

But now, I’m ready to start ripping things out, especially the floor.

Teaming Up with Carpet One to Install Verostone Flooring


I am excited to team up with Carpet One Floor & Home again for another room makeover challenge!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve placed their bounded rugs in a couple places in my house and haven’t been more pleased with them! We used to have a bunch of hardwood floors that were cold and barren, but with the thick, quality bounded rugs, the rooms feel cozier.

You can read all about my master bedroom makeover and my cozy family room makeover that was completed for a room makeover challenge.

Now, we’re partnering again to make this hideous peel-and-stick tile in my master bedroom a thing of the past!


Going to Pick Out Samples!

I headed over to my local Carpet One to see the VeroStone tile, which is what I am using for my bathroom makeover.


Picking out new VeroStone flooring from Carpet One - Carpet One Maryland - Thrift Diving


This is the hard part because trying to even pick out floor colors when I have no idea what color paints I’m going to use makes it a challenge!


Picking out new VeroStone flooring from Carpet One - Carpet One inside the store - Thrift Diving


The salesperson, Michael, took me to the back of the store where the selection of VeroStone was located.


Picking out new VeroStone flooring from Carpet One - VeroStone selections - Thrift Diving


I didn’t know anything about this Made in the USA brand, so I was thankful they had it all laid out for me right there.

Oh–you say warmer than natural stone? CHECK.

Suitable for families with pets? Well, my three boys are like a pack of wild baby wolves, so yes–CHECK. CHECK.

VeroStone can be installed on top of other floors? Sweet–CHECK!


Picking out new VeroStone flooring from Carpet One - Reasons to choose VeroStone. - Thrift Diving



5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing New Flooring

Here are some questions you should ask before picking out flooring.

QUESTION #1 – How Much Floor Can I Afford?

Let’s be honest: flooring is not cheap! You know that bathroom flooring I got from Carpet One? The space wasn’t large at all, but the flooring cost about $1,700. That’s not cheap. Probably less expensive than other types of flooring from other vendors, but still a large expense when doing a room makeover. I didn’t expect the flooring to cost that much.

So be sure to know how much you’re willing to spend before you start getting excited about new flooring and risk going way out of budget.


VeroStone bathroom vinyl flooring tile. - Thrift Diving

QUESTION #2 – What Material Do I Want?

They are sooo many flooring options on the market today, from wood, vinyl, ceramic, laminate, etc. Again, cost will play a role in your decision, but the overall aesthetic of the room will be important, too. Think about common sense things, too. Unless your basement floors are warmed up with fake heating, you’re likely not going to want to walk on ceramic ice cubes, right? Try warmer flooring, like carpet. Keep in mind that some materials are easier to care for, as well.


QUESTION #3 – Are My Kids Going to Ruin It?

I know…that’s mean. To assume that all kids will ruin your good ‘ole home furnishings. But it’s true. I’ve got three little boys that drag toys through the house, attempt to ride their scooters over the floor, scuffing it what used to be nice wood flooring. The easy solution is to set rules about what they can and can’t do in the house. But maybe another idea is, while kids are young, to keep your flooring as durable as possible until they’re older, then splurge your retirement dollars on treating yourself to the best flooring money can buy.

I put Tigressa H2o waterproof carpet in my family room because it’s kid-friendly.


Use waterproof carpet in family rooms and spaces where there are kids. - Thrift DIving

QUESTION #4 – Will My Floors Go Out of Style Like MC Hammer Pants?

Oooh, what a bad analogy. But do you really want your flooring going in and out of style? Doubtful. Choose something that will be timeless, so that in 20 years, some new homeowners aren’t moving in wondering why in the world you chose lime green vinyl tiles.


QUESTION #5 – Can I Do It Myself?

You know how we do here at Thrift Diving: if we can do it ourselves, we will! You might want to consider flooring that you can install yourselves, especially if your budget is non-existent. Some flooring is easier to install than others, like vinyl flooring versus ceramic tiles. If you’re up for the challenge, you can watch YouTube videos, learn from blogger tutorials, and more, so that you can get the job done right yourself instead of paying professionals. Just don’t beat yourself up if it’s not perfect. No one will notice but you.


Try Out Several Samples!

Here’s a tip: when visiting a Carpet One store, see if you can borrow flooring samples to bring home to see how they look in your home.


Picking Out New Verostone Flooring with Carpet One - Color choices - Thrift Diving



This sample was so closely matching to the shade that’s already in our bathroom, but I liked that it was such a neutral color.

I’m planning to make a vanity (!!) and I think this floor color will allow me to pair it with any colors in the bathroom, especially over the years.


Picking Out New Verostone Flooring with Carpet One - Testing out the color choices. - Thrift Diving


I went back to Carpet One and picked out a few more samples.


Picking Out New Verostone Flooring with Carpet One - Testing out the color choices of tiles. - Thrift Diving


Once I got them home, I placed them on the floor to decide which of the two I liked best.

Not this one; it’s too dark for me.


Picking Out New Verostone Flooring with Carpet One - Testing out the color choices of dark tiles. - Thrift Diving


But I really liked this one!

I liked the light gray tones in it.


Picking Out New Verostone Flooring with Carpet One - Gray tones that resemble marble. - Thrift Diving


Taking the Measurements

A couple of days after going to Carpet One, Tommy, the measuring guy, came over.

I was a little embarrassed to show off my horrific bathroom floor, but I’m guessing that he’s seen it all, right?

He inspected the floor a bit, peeling back tiles, to discover that the tiles were covering even older sheet vinyl.

You should have seen the joy when I learned that they’d have to rip out all this old vinyl.

Bye, bye, old vinyl.

Hello, VeroStone! 🙂


Picking Out New Verostone Flooring with Carpet One - Take measurement of the old floor. - Thrift Diving


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And be sure to check out your local Carpet One Floor & Home to get help with your flooring projects!


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  1. Linda Weeks says:

    Serena, you may already be down with this, but my friend, Jeff Patterson, has moved into the online instructable video business, and he’s decided to specialize in bathroom renovation! I’ve saved all of his emails, thinking that someday I may need them, but if you have time (!) take a look during your bathroom re-do, and see if his videos can help with your bathroom! Here’s a link:
    he’s got a great website with lots of specifics… and he’s a very nice guy.

  2. Linda Weeks says:

    They all look good, guess I’ll just have to wait to find out what flooring she chooses!

  3. My pick would be the third one. The lightest one has no character and looks really bland. I feel that the flooring should enhance the design and not be something blah that the rest of the design sits on. I see you have the rubber baseboard going on in the room. I guess you will be glad to see that go. I can remember back to the 70’s when my father installed that in our house and mother was so happy and even then I thought it to be the cheapest stuff on earth.
    Keep up the good work, all looks good so far.

  4. Ooh, I like that last one. I think I would personally pick the darker one, but all the choices look great! Can’t wait to see what you pick

    1. SIGH….I can’t decide, Haley! LOL. I thought I knew what I liked, but like I mentioned in another comment, I don’t really know WHAT I want to put in here! I’m not sure of the color. I really love bathrooms that feel like “Princess bathrooms” that are soft in color, lots of white and “prettiness.” I’m going to try to put a little sample board together and see what I come up with! Exciting!! Hope you’re doing well! I miss you guys on Snapchat! I really need to get back to it! Hope the kids are good!

  5. I like the lighter and warmer of the three. It looks nice with your green walls. Also, in a small room, the smaller size scales well.

    1. Serena @ Thrift Diving says:

      Thanks, Alys! It’s so funny, but when I started the post, I didn’t like the lighter, warmer one. But by the end of the post, I think that’s the one I’ll choose! Lol. I’m not sure which paint color I’ll choose. The green looks good but I want something else for the next 6 years. 🙂 Thank you!!

  6. I like the white marbled tile! It looks so elegant and pretty. This is exciting, can’t wait to see the garage + new bathroom floor! =D

    1. Thanks, Zovesta! I like the white marbled, too, but I wonder if it’s what I really want in this room. Now that the vanity is out (woo hoo! I’m posting about that today), I am re-thinking the whole design! LOL

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