MASTER BATH: Before and After

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I’m embarrassed to say that more than several parts of my home, at one time or another, have looked like a crack-house. This master bathroom is no exception! Who ever thought that putting stripes and floral borders was HOT?? I guess someone, at some point, was rockin’ it!
This project took me about a month. Hubby and our 5-year-old were out of the country and it was a “While You Were Out” sort of surprise. He loved it!P.S. Sorry for the poor pics. I only had my cell phone camera!


master bathroom makeover - Thrift Diving


master bathroom
 Ghetto, I know, but we lived with a shower curtain on our bathroom window for at least 8 months before this mini renovation!
Now the bathroom feels like a spa! I bought the curtain rod for about $15 from Ross, and I made the simple, white curtains. The art above the toilet is my own (sorry for no close-ups!!), and I bought the little glass shelf from Ikea. The little white stand is (what else??) a thrift store find, painted white.
The vanity was desperately in need of some primer and white paint!
BEFORE: Yucky old, outdated, dark cabinet……..


BEFORE: Sanded and ready for primer.


BEFORE: See the brown paper bag areas?? The walls had to be skimmed to repair damage by wallpaper removal.

Holy nightmare! 

AFTER: A place to sit and think and take in the serene environment 🙂
AFTER: I decided on towel hooks instead of a towel bar, with our initials over them, so we never mix up towels 🙂  (Kwasi said he does not want to smell like a woman). LOL
AFTER: Installing ceramic tile floor will be next. I’m thinking of taking this project on myself, but not sure. Depends on if we decide to replace the shower stall at the same time, which we couldn’t do ourselves. I love the idea of doing the floor ourselves!
AFTER…………Beautiful picture mirror, curtain rod, and simple curtains that I made myself!! Not to mention a nice, white painted cabinet, and a painted old plant stand.

BEFORE: The nasty, moldy fake tile paneling that lined the top of the shower stall in the bathroom. This was what I discovered after pulling off some sticky border the previous owners had used around the top. I guess they were trying to use the sticky border (not shown) in order to keep the water out, but I don’t know what they were thinking!!!! It obviously didn’t work!


BEFORE: This was the hot mess that I started to find as I started to break away pieces of  what I thought was real tile. I still can’t believe I took on this part of the project! It was a LOT of work…..
BEFORE: What the wall looked like after removing the paneling….YIKES.


BEFORE: The other side of the wall didn’t look good, either, but at least, not as bad.


AFTER: Plastered….primed….painted…..and caulked!
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AFTER: The other side.
AFTER: With towel hooks, and our initials 🙂 Don’t have the money yet to take out the blue-green shower stall, but hey, I made it work, right?? I may still remove the shower stall doors and put up a nice, thick white curtain. But we’ll see. Now that the bathroom is redecorating, we may be able to pull some money together to tile off the floor and the shower!
So there you have it! The flooring is still intact, but once we’ve taken care of a bit more projects, I’ll be installing ceramic tile!



Stay tuned!


Really?? Someone thought this was a nice wallpaper pattern???


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