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Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed: Prettiest Colors For Your Home!

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Don’t you hate buying paint and getting home and wishing you’d chosen another color?

Yep. Me too.

But I guarantee that’s not going to happen this time because, hands down, Sherwin Williams Rainwashed and Sea Salt are two of the prettiest, softest colors that never fail to disappoint.

I’m obsessed with these colors. In fact, three of my rooms are painted these colors:

Hopefully, stumbling upon these pics will help you to make a decision to use them, because they’re that fabulous!


Sherwin Williams Rainwashed

Rainwashed is probably my most favorite color of all times. When we moved into this old 1973 house in 2010, I couldn’t envision what I wanted my bedroom to look like. Our old bedroom was a soft buttery yellow with deep red accents. A little too “warm” for my taste in this “new” old house. Instead, I wanted something cool, soft, and felt like an oasis when I walked in! This is what my bedroom looked liked prior to its total overhaul, funky 70’s quilted drapes and all!


Bedroom BEFORE painting it Sherwin Williams Rainwashed - Thrift Diving


The wallpaper needed to come down first. That was a complete nightmare! I wouldn’t wish wallpaper on my worse enemy! (Well…actually, that could be satisfying, but I digress….LOL). We used an amazing wallpaper steamer that I bought from Amazon and it worked really well to pull down the wallpaper. But the wallpaper left a bunch of sticky glue

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Rainwashed master bedroom makeover BEFORE - Thrift Diving



Once the wallpaper was gone…once I added the DIY crown molding…what resulted was this soft, prettiness! This is Sherwin Williams Rainwashed. AH-MAY-ZING…… What’s crazy is that in the years since moving in, not once have I ever felt like re-painting over the Rainwashed. Other rooms in my hous, however, have been painted over at last once or twice. But not this room. The color is too divine!


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Rainwashed master bedroom makeover AFTER - Thrift Diving


Here’s another shot of Rainwashed in my master bedroom. Isn’t it such a light shade of turquoise blue-green? Everything you see in the image below was thrifted or made my hand!


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Rainwashed master bedroom makeover with new crown molding and painted dresser. - Thrift Diving


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Rainwashed master bedroom makeover with painted dresser. - Thrift Diving


I had found this frame at the thrift store and figured out how to frame fabric with a picture frame. I love how it looks on my master bedroom wall with the Rainwashed.


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Rainwashed master bedroom makeover with framed fabric wall art. - Thrift Diving


Psst! Check out how I used Sherwin Williams Abalone Shell in my family room!


It’s funny, but when you look at it on a color card, it looks nothing like what it does on your walls, depending on the time of day. It’s like the magician of paint colors. According to this swatch, it’s in the green family, but sorry–my walls say something different!

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed -Rainwashed color card - Thrift Diving




When I walk into my bedroom, it feels like an oasis!

I installed the crown molding myself (I wrote a 52-page step-by-step guide on how to put up your own crown molding like a novice. Download a copy of the ebook).


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Rainwashed wall color in a sunny master bedroom. - Thrift Diving


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is another paint color that is a bit of a magician when on the walls.

This is what my master bathroom looked like when we moved in. It was a hot mess. But I knew that Sherwin Williams Sea Salt would look amazing in this room. It has a calming effect and looks good with shades of gray and white. Here’s what my master bathroom looked like before. In this room, it actually does look greenish:


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Sea Salt in master bathroom makeover BEFORE - Thrift Diving



What do you think? It looks like a very light seafoam color. Excuse the horrible pics :). These are old cell phone pics!


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Sea Salt master bathroom makeover AFTER - Thrift Diving


As much as I loved Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, later I wanted a change for my bathroom.

So I’ve since done a master bathroom makeover and it now looks like this!

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Master bathroom makeover - Lavender bathroom - Thrift Diving


Anyhow, back to my foyer….

In my foyer, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt looks more light-bluish/turquoise in the afternoon sun!


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Sea Salt paint color BEFORE - Thrift Diving



In my foyer (click here to watch how I touched up the Sea Salt for an entryway refresh makeover), it sometimes looks a shade of blue, depending on the light.  The color is very soothing and I can’t believe I ever chose a depressing, dark yellow.

Never again!

I love how fresh Sea Salt feels when I walk in! And what’s crazy is that when readers send me pictures of their house, showing off their projects to me, the minute I see Sea Salt on their walls, I’m like, “I know that paint color!”


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Sea Salt paint color in a foyer - AFTER - Thrift Diving


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Sea Salt paint color in a foyer with white doors. - AFTER - Thrift Diving




sherwin williams sea salt

 Sherwin Williams Sea Salt color card





You probably found this blog post because you’re researching Rainwashed or Sea Salt. Don’t worry. They’re great colors that make the walls feel airy and pretty. Sometimes they look greenish. Sometimes they look blue. Maybe turquoise. And sometimes you do feel nervous when you’re about to paint and you’re not quite sure what you’re going to get. But I love these colors so much; they never disappoint.

Even my kids love them ;).


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Rainwashed - Rainwashed master bedroom makeover with children. - Thrift Diving

Sherwin Williams Abalone Shell and City Loft

I absolutely love Sherwin Williams paint colors! I recently completed a family room refresh and I used Sherwin Williams Abalone Shell as a blush pink accent wall, and the rest of the walls are a gorgeous Sherwin Williams City Loft, which complements it so well! Click here to see the entire family room makeover here.



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Sherwin Williams RAINWASHED - Perfect for bedrooms or any space that you want a soft, cozy feeling. Love it in my bedroom! Rainwashed goes well with tans, grays, greens, and blues. - Thrift Diving


How to Pick Awesome Color Combos

Choosing colors that look good together is tough. If you need more help picking color combos, then check out my other post: How to Pick Awesome Color Combos

How to Pick Awesome Color Combos - Thrift Diving Blog

Watch the Video!

If you want to check out Sea Salt in action, watch my video, where I’m demoing the Home Right EZ Twist paint stick. Maybe you can get a hint of what the paint looks like.


Sherwin Williams Window Pane

I can’t help but mention, I also love Sherwin Williams Window Pane, which is one color lighter on the same color card as Rainwashed (see above). It’s also a very turquoise paint color. I have used it in my reading room, and it’s just as beautiful and soft. And yes, that was a baby on my back. LOL


Same “yuck” beige in the reading room….

painting formal living room



A gentle hint of greenish turquoise paint on the walls. Ahhhh….LOVE IT!


Reading Room In-Progress

Reading Room IN PROGRESS_September 2013


Psst…Check out these other projects in my master bedroom!

Have you used Sherwin Williams Rainwashed or Sea Salt in your house? What did you think? Leave a comment below and let me know!



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  1. We recently closed on a 1986 built home. I went to Lowes and immediately fell in love with Sea Salt!
    My husband and I are “Do it your selfers” and painted out master bedroom in sea salt over the nasty yellow-gold that was present. We did not prime over the gold, so it looks more blue-green than sea foam green, but we love it. We painted all ceilings white. Our dining room is painted in “Rain Washed” and the adjacent living room is (as I write) being painted in “Window Pane”. The living room actually has a beam that wraps around into the dining room and adjacent kitchen, so the window pane paint meets up with the Rain Washed dining room. It looks AMAZING! Greens and Blue greens are the NEW neutral in my book…My current house is grey with all white crown, doors, etc….old school. I love color and our new place exhibits our new neutral…so peaceful and relaxing.
    We are fortunate that this old build has crown moulding in every room, save bathrooms and very tall baseboards.
    They are painted in a creamy/bone color…slightly yellow hue.
    Do you have any suggestions for window treatments/valences/curtains that coordinate with the window pane and Rainwashed paint colors??? I have three bay windows…two in the living room across from the dining room that has one bay window.

  2. Your bedroom is beautiful!! What color did you paint your ceiling?

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  4. I love Rainwashed in your bedroom. I am considering it for mine. I have a North West facing room and wondered what direction your bedroom faces? I am wondering if the lighting in mine will be similar to yours.

  5. Everything looks amazing! I just ordered samples of North Star and Contented before I saw your post. I probably would have thrown in a sample of Sea Salt too!

  6. Hello. I am struggling. I am not very good with color. I want to paint my master bath which is super small and my bedroom. My bathroom has a brown marble floor tile. I am
    Liking comfort Gray, sea salt and rain washed I am looking for a green tone and a medium coverage. Don’t want to light but don’t want too dark either. Please help!!

  7. We love sea salt. We have it in three rooms in our house and were just about to have our front door repainted to look like stained wood. Then we thought we should paint it sea salt instead. We finally decided last night to go with comfort gray instead to give just a little more contrast with our white columns and soon to be white stucco.

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