BEFORE & AFTER: Spacious Walk-in Closet Makeover

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This walk-in closet makeover by reader Maria makes me closet envy!

When Maria signed up to join one of my 30-Day Room Makeover Challenges (where my readers and I complete a room makeover in only 30 days), I gasped when I saw her walk-in closet.

Not because she had clothes everywhere… I mean, come on, us Thrift Divers can see past messes.

What I saw instead was a gorgeous closet from someone who was so lucky to have such an awesome space.

(And also a woman that loves clothes and fashion–jealous!!–I’m usually grasping for things to wear).

And I literally will wear no more than 2 pairs of shoes until they’re worn to heck and back.

But Maria’s closet was fabulous, even in the mess!

BEFORE – Walk-in Closet Makeover


Walk-in closet makeover - BEFORE - Looks messy and needs cleaned up. - Thrift Diving


AFTER! – Walk-in Closet Makeover

And now, it looks like a picture out of a high-end boutique!

Did you see that cute vanity makeover right there???

It’s perfect and feminine and chic in this space!

And it looks like she got rid of the big office chair and got a cute little stool.

I’m in love with this space!

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Walk-in closet makeover - AFTER - Gorgeous new closet! - Thrift Diving




Walk-in closet makeover - BEFORE - Closet needs organization. - Thrift Diving



The full-length mirror was just what this closet needed. And the little shelves and wall stencil or stickers are divine!

Now Maria’s also got a place to sit down and ponder, “Hmmm….what shall I wear today?” Love that new seating!

She says she still needs some other lighting in the space, but aside from that, she’s done.


Walk-in closet makeover - AFTER - Beautiful walk-in closet got organized - Thrift Diving




Walk-in closet makeover - BEFORE - Everything need a place in the closet. - Thrift Diving




A dresser! And space to hang necklaces! And a mirror so you can try on said necklaces!

Brilliant, Maria, just brilliant. And so clean!

I usually wake up and slap on whatever clothes I find hanging on the back of the bedroom door. HA!

But a space like this would actually get me excited to get dressed in the morning!


Walk-in closet makeover - AFTER - Add a dresser to your closet for extra space. - Thrift Diving




Walk-in closet makeover - BEFORE - Clothes thrown everywhere. - Thrift Diving



Those gorgeous gold-lined boxes came from the thrift store, I believe!


Master bedroom walk-in closet makeover - Gold lined boxes - Thrift Diving




Master bedroom walk-in closet makeover - BEFORE - Thrift Diving



Master bedroom walk-in closet makeover - AFTER - Thrift Diving


This space looks so nice I feel like I could go shopping in there!

I’m not much into fashion, but if I were, this is exactly the kind of space I would wish for.

It doesn’t get much better than this, my friends.

Well done, Maria!!


How to Clean Out Your Closet

If you’ve been wanting to clean out your closet, too, here are some tips you can use to get started!

5 tips for spring cleaning your closet - Thrift Diving

(I participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites).


TIP #1: Channel Your Inner “Elsa”

Yep…..let it go. Why in the world do we hang on to clothes? Well, because we paid a crap-load of money for it… because we think we can still fit it one day… and sometimes,  it’s because it has sentimental value.

I totally get the sentimental value (after all, I still have one sock from a pair of University of Maryland College Park socks that hubby gave me 20 years ago when we met in college. HA! It’s got holes and everything, but I cannot let that sock go).

But if you’re just keeping stuff because you paid “good money” for it, but you know you’ll never fit it or wear it again–dude, it’s time to just let it go!


TIP #2: Do It Behind Your Family’s Back

I don’t know about your spouse….but mine?? Don’t let him see me getting rid of something “good.” He will snatch it up and put it in the “safe” pile or hang it back in the closet and try to convince me why I should keep it.

Same with my kids. If they see me try to get rid of stuff, they sneak into the pile and take it back (mostly with toys!).

You’ve got to do your closet clean-outs behind their back. Wait until they’ve all left the house and you’ve feigned sickness at home. Knock out your cleaning then. LOL


TIP #3: Skip the Fashion Show

The most fun and frustration is trying on your clothes and having a fashion show. But don’t do it! The reason why is because you’ll waste time convincing yourself you can still wear X, Y, and Z.

Or you’ve gained weight and can’t even fit half the stuff, so you’ll walk away feeling fat and bloated.

Save yourself the hassle. Just make a pile for the things you know you can’t part with (like that holey sock that hubby gave me freshman year in college), and make a pile of other things that you’ll either donate, give to friends, or sell.


TIP #4: Ask Yourself: “Does this spark joy?”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably heard of the awesome book called The Magic Art of Tying Up.

When cleaning out clutter, one of the tips recommended in the book is to empty all your clothes in the middle of the floor. Each piece of clothing should be picked up and you have to ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” If the answer is “NO,” then you should get rid of it.

Read the book. It will totally change the way you view your closet!



TIP #5: Get It Sold With Online Apps

Here are some sites you’ll want to look into for selling some of your clothes.

  • VarageSale.com
  • Schoola.com
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • ThreadUp.com
  • PoshMark

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  1. Llima Bove says:

    Wow! That was an awesome job! Congrats, Maria!

  2. Love her closet! That is beautiful, roomy, and functional. I’m inspired

  3. Patricia B says:

    Well done Maria!! I could live in that closet!! lol Oh how this makes me want to purge more and more of the “stuff” I have hanging around…. Some day Serena, I swear I will do a makeover to make you proud!! Love ya’

  4. I like the dressing table makeover. It looks modern and chic and fits well with the re-organized closet.

    Nicely done!

  5. Loving the closest make-over!! Well done! I live in a 1941 townhouse and her closet would be a dream to have!

    1. Ahhhh…. 1941, so I imagine your closets are pretty tiny, right? People back then didn’t realize that women need space for stuff! 🙂

  6. That closet is awesome! I might never leave it!!!

  7. Monica Chi says:

    That is beautiful! She did an awesome job!

  8. Oh, yes! Love, love, the space and the makeover! Job well done, Maria! It’s beautiful!

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