Upcycled Workstation With DIY Scrap Wood Storage

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This scrap wood storage bin and workstation was the first step in my garage makeover. This project was a long-time coming.

If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog, then you remember my pretty laundry room makeover a couple of years ago, right?

There was this ugly, turd-brown cabinet in there that, while helpful in holding heaps of clothing that I avoided folding and simply piled on top, it wasn’t as functional as I wanted it to be.




The new laundry room table with storage is 100 times more functional because I could store dirty clothes underneath (and prettier, too!). I cut the table in half in order to mount it to the wall.

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You know how I do……I can’t get rid of things that still have some “life” in them, and I knew this cabinet could be reused in the garage.

It must have had a sign on it that screamed, “SET JUNK ON ME, PLEASE!!”

Because it also became a junk collector in the garage and sat just like this since finding its new home.

But this month I got my hands on it because my focus is on turning this dingy garage into a pretty little workshop.

I figured this would be the best project to start!

I turned it into a workstation and place for scrap wood storage on the side of it!


The before pictures of an upcycled garage workstation from an old cabinet with a DIY scrap wood bin - ThriftDiving.com




Create an upcycled workstation in the garage by using an old cabinet and building scrap wood storage on the side - ThriftDiving.com



Scrap Wood Storage - Turn an old cabinet into a workstation and build scrap wood storage on the side. - Thrift Diving



The coolest parts are the galvanized steel top and the scrap wood storage that I built to hold more scrap wood! (You remember this upcycled scrap wood storage bin I painted, right?). I’m excited to have organized places to work and store things now!


Galvanized steel table top on an upcycled workstation cabinet with DIY scrap wood storage - ThriftDiving.com


Scrap Wood Storage: Galvanized steel sign for a DIY scrap wood storage - ThriftDiving.com


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  1. Hey Serena!!! I love, love, love your site and step by step instructions.

    Your UPCYCLED WORKSTATION is amazing. This is on my to-do list for sure this summer!

    Keep up the fantastic posts. You are an inspiration to all “DIY MOMS”!!!!

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