How to Make Yarn Wall Art For Your Home: Easy Wall Art Ideas

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It’s true: Craftin’ is like therapy, ain’t it? Well, in this case of this fun yarn wall art, it’s more like “a-KNIT?” Get it??

I wanted to create some yarn wood art with a piece of scrap wood and my power drill. I’ve been dying to weave yarn through wood since forever, but I didn’t know what kind of project to do until now. This knitted art is quick and should only take you about 1 hour, tops. You’ll need a piece of wood, stencils, yarn, a power drill, and tape!

Be sure to check out this other easy wall art with a thrift store canvas, as well as tips for photographing and printing your own floral photography wall art. If you want to make your own DIY picture frames, I’ve got that tutorial too. 🙂

….I mean, we could buy new, but why would we, right??

Let’s jump into it!

How to Weave Yarn Into Wood for Easy Wall Art


BEFORE – Pretty balls of yarn

Yarn Wall Art - Knitted yarn and wood art tutorial - Thrift Diving


AFTER! – Yarn and Wood Art!

With just holes drilled into a board, I could spell out anything I wanted and use colorful yarn to wrap through the wood holes. A totally crafin’, knitted art piece that only takes a drill make!


Yarn Wall Art - Knitted yarn and wood art tutorial. See how yarn is weaved through wood. - Thrift Diving

Flip Through the SlideShare


Craftin’ is like THERAPY, ain’t it?

Most people may not get it. I know…..sometimes you can be too clever that only yourself gets the joke. LOL. Hopeful you get it!


Yarn Wall Art - 14" x 17" Knitted yarn and wood art tutorial - Thrift Diving


It’s now hanging up in my colorful basement office recently.


Yarn Wall Art - Wood wall art ideas - Knitted art - Thrift Diving

How To Make This Yarn Wall Art:

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Go gather these materials:


Yarn Wall Art - Materials needed for yarn and wood art - Thrift Diving

STEP 1: Paint or stain your wood.

You can also use an old piece of wood that you already have lying around, like an old cabinet door or something!  Wipe off the old stain with a cloth. Feel free to paint the board. Either way is fine.


Yarn Wall Art - Stain or paint your yarn and wood wall art. - Thrift Diving


Yarn Wall Art - Wipe off stain on yarn and wood art - Thrift Diving


STEP 2: Add your stencil to the wall art and paint it.

I used my Silhouette Cameo (I highly recommend eventually investing in a cutting machine like this when you’ve got the budget to do so. It makes stencils so much easier). But if you don’t have one, craft stores sell letter stencils. I chose to stencil “Craftin’ is like therapy, a’KNIT?”

Yarn Wall Art - Add a stencil to the yarn and wood art. - Thrift Diving

STEP 3: Write the word “KNIT.”

Might be a little hard to see against the dark stain, but I wrote the word “KNIT.” And then at each point of the letter, I draw little dots to show me where to drill into the wood.


Yarn Wall Art - Trace out the word KNIT with a pencil on yarn and wood art. - Thrift Diving


Yarn Wall Art - Stenciled wood is ready for drilling and weaving yarn. - Thrift Diving

STEP 4: Drill at the points.

I started drilling at the “T” as you can see here. This is where you’ll weave the yarn into the wood to spell out the letters.


Yarn Wall Art - Drill holes into wood to begin weaving yarn for knitting art. - Thrift Diving


TIP: Here’s an excellent tip for drilling clean holes into your wood: be sure to have a scrap piece of wood underneath your wood art. The scrap piece of wood underneath the section you’re drilling helps to prevent something called tear out, which occurs when the drill bit rips out the splinters of wood on the backside of a hole. For more info on this, watch this YouTube video where I explain in detail how to prevent tear-out when drilling while working on my DIY word light sign.

Yarn Wall Art - Drill holes with a power drill into wood to begin weaving yarn for knitting art. - Thrift Diving


Once all the points of the letters were drilled, this is what the yarn wall art was beginning to look like:


Yarn Wall Art - Holes drilled into wood allow you to weave yarn into wood for easy wall art. - Thrift Diving


TIP: If you know exactly where you want your holes, I recommend drilling them before staining and stenciling. That way you can sand it down, clean it up nicely before staining. I messed up and did it the opposite way. Oh, and at this point, you probably should apply a polyurethane sealer, which I did not

STEP 5: Tape the ends of the yarn.

This is how you’re going to weave the yarn through the wood. It’s just like the ends of a shoestring!


Yarn Wall Art - Add tape to the ends of yarn to weave it through wood. - Thrift Diving


Tape both ends of the large piece that you cut. Cut enough so you have plenty to weave through.


Yarn Wall Art - Taped ends of yarn to make it easy to weave into wood. - Thrift Diving


Weave the yarn through the first letter.


Yarn Wall Art - How to make yarn and wood art. - Thrift Diving


Secure the end of the taped yard to back with more tape so that you can start weaving it through the rest of the wood and the yarn won’t come out.


Yarn Wall Art - Tape the yarn on the back of the wood then weave through the wood. - Thrift Diving


Yarn Wall Art - How to make easy wall art out of yarn and wood. - Thrift Diving


The wall art started to look like this.


Yarn Wall Art - How to make easy wall art by weaving yarn in wood. - Thrift Diving


When you’re done your first letter, it will look like this. On the back of the wood, you’ll secure the other end of the knitted yard with more tape.


Easy Knit-Inspired Wall Art5286

STEP 6: Weave all the letters with different colors of yarn.

With the second letter weaved into the wood, in a different color, it’s now looking like something. 🙂


Yarn Wall Art - Knitted art with yarn and wood creates affordable wall art. - Thrift Diving

STEP 7: Hot glue some knitting needles.

Using some hot glue, secure a couple of extra knitting needles to the wall art.


Yarn Wall Art - Use knitting needles for wall art. - Thrift Diving


STEP 8: Add D-ring picture hangers.

Use your drill to easily add hardware to the back. (FYI, you may need wire cutters if you’re using wire and it’s too long).


Yarn Wall Art - Add D-ring picture hangers to hang easy wall art. - Thrift Diving


STEP 9: Hang it on your wall!

I’ve got the yarn and wood wall art hanging in my office, but you can hang this anywhere in your home! A crafting room or office is best, though.


Yarn Wall Art - Hang your yarn and wood art in your office or craft room. - Thrift Diving


Yarn Wall Art - Hang your yarn wall art in your office or craft room. - Thrift Diving


It’s amazing how just one little tool (a drill) and some wood and yarn can create a really unique piece of art for your wall! 🙂 I love it!

For More Wood Wall Art Ideas

If you love doing projects with wood, be sure to check out my DIY word light wall art tutorial!


Wood Wall Art Ideas: DIY word light sign made out of wood - Thrift Diving


Also, if you’re looking for another easy project to do with just a power drill, here’s a fun project that is super simple: upcycling an old knife block, to hold crayons, crochet hooks, makeup brushes, and more!


Turn an Old Knife Block Into a Crayon Holder


Have you ever made any yarn wall art for your home? Leave a comment below and tell me what you’ve made! 🙂


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  1. How fun is this?! I love to crochet and knitting is something I used to do, but have forgotten since I was a kid. It’s on my must-do list. I love this project! Great job, Serena!

  2. I’ve actually been wanting to make sewing cards for my already four year old grandson. Four last Friday!! Wouldn’t it be fun to use thin wood, sand and paint the shapes and he could sew around them with yarn!? Or use yarn and using predrilled holes and his mame as his guide sew his name? Find a page from a big book and he could see around a big bear or whatever animal I modge podge onto the wood? Thank you for the inspirahktion!!!

    1. Yes, Gwen!!! I wasn’t even thinking how cool this could be for little kids to spell their name! Imagine grandkids going to Grandma’s house and getting to make cute knitted art! Ok, you’ve inspired me to do this with the kids! :). Just an FYI, you can you pegboard, too, but if you don’t want the whole thing being holes, just drill your own holes. Yay!!

  3. Ha, this is so clever!
    It really stands out and I love the combination. 🙂

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