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How to Use a Paint Sprayer on Furniture: A Bookcase Makeover

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This is a sponsored post and giveaway, but this is solely my own creativity, 100%!


You’re so going to laugh when you see this pathetic little bookcase. Yes, my friends, this is what my kids’ bookcase looked like just days ago. I didn’t think to remove the dishes before snapping this pic. As if I am that neat and tidy….NOT! 😉

I posted about this bookcase on my other bookcase project where I showed you how I hacked my kids’ new bookcase and built LEGO storage on top (!!!).

So of course this one needed a new life, and a new purpose. Because here at Thrift Diving, we don’t throw things out, do we?? That’s a DIY no-no.


Billy Bookcase before - had this bookcase since my oldest was a baby

Remember my pretty basement office makeover?? The kids crawl all over me while I’m down here working, like mice on cheese ;). I thought I had better create an area to keep them occupied while we’re down here, starting with this bookcase!



How to paint a bookcase - Thrift Diving


I actually have two HomeRight paint sprayers, but my favorite is the Finish Max Pro, which I used to paint this super cheesy yellow bookcase :). (Man, all this reference to cheese is making me hungry! Dude, I just started a weight loss program and I’m struggling here. LOL)

I thought I’d show you a pretty pic of the sprayer: THEIRS…..
Homeright Fine Finish Max Pro


….because MINE actually looks like this: a hot mess :). Or rather, just well-loved! And well-used! 🙂

I’m terrible about cleaning up my tools properly. (Come on, admit it–you struggle with this, too, don’t you??)

Messy paint sprayer



I wanted to show you guys how to actually use this paint sprayer because there are times when you just want to get through a project quickly, or you’re painting something like wicker (trust me–a brush ain’t gettin’ into those cracks!), or maybe you just like to discriminate against brushes. Who knows ;). But here’s the tutorial for ya!

Watch the Tutorial – How to Use a Paint Sprayer on Furniture – Bookcase Makeover

I’m embarrassed to admit I still haven’t had time to work on my defunct gallery wall, but–hey!!–hopefully the yellow distracts from that!

I used the same picture to place above the bookcase, but added some super hero paper instead of the car. Oh, and can I say, I got that frame from the thrift store? (But, of course!).


Create a space for kids while Mommy is working

And I’m still loving on my project where I turned a knife block into a crayon holder for the kids. Can you believe that thing has been pinned about 12,000 times? Jeez…..I wish every project would have legs like that! LOL

I love the smooth finish the paint sprayer leaves. As much as I love paint brushes, there’s nothing like the smoothness with spraying on paint versus brush strokes.

Colorful bookcase idea


My favorite part? Aside from the big chalk board I painted for them (and added mailbox stickers I had lying around):

The thrifted bumblebee rain boots I had bought for my youngest when he was a baby. Now, they’ll hold paint brushes and chalk!

Fill old baby boots with chalk and brushes


Upcycled baby shoes


It didn’t take any time to get the bookcase done. It was a pretty small project. But larger pieces, like tables and a whole set of dining room chairs, you could get done in no time!

Anyhow, here’s my youngest, Kojo (age 3), using his new chalk board. He’s a little short, but he’ll grow in to it ;).


Kids DIY chalkboard in a kids playroom


Kids basement play wall to keep them busy


DIY chalkboard for a kids area or playroom


Create space for a kids area in the basement


How to Use Chalk Paint in a Paint Sprayer

And did you even know that you can use chalk paint in a paint sprayer? Here’s the video tutorial on my YouTube channel!

So have you ever used a paint sprayer? What kind of pieces do you like to spray?




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  1. Thank you for writing this article. I’m not sure but do you think I need to have some techniques to achieve the same level of professional finish

  2. I saw the reference for this post on HomeRight Official Facebook page. It’s nice what a little paint sprayer with creative and a bit of effort can achieve. I actually like the C800766 better than the one you have its picture here for it’s ease and longevity.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. A lot of benefits for those who want to use a paint sprayer especially the Homeright brand. I like paint sprayers better than brushes and rollers as they can really save a lot of time and they work moderately. Will like to get this too!

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