Painted Thrift Store Shower Curtain Hooks

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Who would have ever thought that brassy little metal shower curtain hooks (found at the thrift store, of course, for only $1.00 for a pack of 8), could be so cute with a coat of paint on them?

When I pulled these babies out, along with my paints, hubby looked at me like I had two heads, “WHY would you want to paint SHOWER curtain hooks?! What’s wrong with the gold??” Um….yeah…men just don’t understand a woman’s creativity and crafting, do they?

Painted shower curtain hooks from the thrift store

But after I had gotten started, he must have liked what I was doing because he asked me to paint a “RASTA” flower for him, and to represent his native country of Ghana (red, yellow, green, and black). LOL. Notice I stuck it alllll the way towards the back, right? 😉 No, really, though, it turned out pretty cute, too.

The whole objective was not just to paint pretty flowers, as if I have nothing better to do with my time 🙂 What I envisioned is a dowel bar to install in my crafting room, with all my paint brushes, sewing supplies, knitting needles–you name it. And, this little turquoise bucket ($0.99–thrift store!) was perfect, along with the decorative hooks.



The inspiration for this project came from (of course!) Pinterest, but mine is much prettier, do you think?
craft idea for hanging supplies


I love these Americana paints. They’re only about $0.99 from Hobby Lobby. Of course I have all the colors 🙂



Now, as for durability…..These paints definitely need some protective coating on them, because they do seem to chip a little bit. A polyurethane spray will do the job!


So what do you think? Have you ever thought about painting shower curtain hooks? I bet you think of those little brassy things a little differently next time you see a bunch! 😉 Leave a comment below and add to the conversation!

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