A Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

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Sometimes the thrift store is a magical place: this place where just the right thing comes along at just the right time.

That was the case in this lamp makeover. Because not only did I find this solid, heavy lamp for $10, but on a separate thrift diving trip, I found these two lamps for–OMG–only $2.00 each!

Together, it was the perfect recipe for “amazing”!

Thrifted Lamp Makeover
They don’t make lamps like this anymore. Lamps today are flimsy, at best, and prone to getting knocked over (oh, sorry, if you have kids, that is). LOL. But this lamp is heavy. And for $10, I knew it was a steal!
(P.S. Please excuse the small pics. I’ve since stepped up my “blogging game” and now have an awesome Nikon DSLR camera, so my shots are no longer this horrifically small and unprofessional). LOL

Thrifted Lamp Makeover - Base

I thought that I was going to want to use this Krylon Dual on it, since it has primer in it.

Thrifted Lamp Makeover - Krylon Dual with primer in it

I got everything taped up and ready to go.

Thrifted Lamp Makeover - Tape off your lamp

…Only to discover that the black looked BLECK!!

Thrifted Lamp Makeover - Spray painted black

And then I put this ugly Walmart lampshade on it…..

Thrifted Lamp Makeover - Ugly lamp shade

…And it was a HOT MESS…. Who would want THIS in their house?? Surely not me. But hey, DIY just beez like that sometimes :). You can’t be afraid to start over and admit that what you tried didn’t work.

Thrifted Lamp Makeover - Ugly black lamp

So a nice canary yellow was just the look I was going for.

Thrifted Lamp Makeover - Painted canary yellow

An Awesome Discovery – BURLAP LAMP SHADES!

But here’s the amazing thing– so on a separate day, I went to my favorite thrift store, and what should I find sitting there waiting for me to discover it? These two matching burlap lamp shades!

First of all, finding matching of anything at the thrift store is a miracle. Then to find shades this unique?? SCORE, baby….Total score. And on the new canary yellow lamp, they were PERFECT.

Thrifted Lamp Makeover - Two thrifted lamp shades

Thrifted Lamp Makeover - Thrifted lamp shade too

So the next time you pass by an ugly lamp, STOP. Lift it up…….test it out….Does it work?….Could you spray paint it and find an awesome lamp shade (or create a DIY lamp shade like I did to this other lamp).


Thrifted Lamp Makeover - Before


Thrifted Lamp Makeover - AFTER

I have only refinished one lamp so far, but it’s found the perfect home in my blogging room, right at the desk where I pound out blog posts every night:
Blogging room
Do you have any old lamps sitting around in your house that could use a makeover? If not, hit some thrift stores and see what you can find to make over! You’ll be amazed what a little spray paint and a cool shade can do!

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  1. Teirreah, I’m glad you like my work! šŸ™‚ I would love to see pics of your lamp. Email me at [email protected]. Can’t wait to see it! And yes, I love connecting with other people that love thrift stores as much as I do. People in real life find it a bit….uh…weird. LOL. My online crew thinks it rocks! šŸ™‚

  2. Hello Serena, I stumbled across your blog after looking for some instructions to DIY a lamp. I would like to send you pics and get some suggestions from you of you don’t mind….. I’ve been surfing your blog all day…I’ve enjoyed all of your creations, it’s great to find someone who shares a passion for thrifting like I do!

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