POLL: Where Are the Best Thrift Stores?

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Where do you all go thrift diving? I’ve been busy in the blogosphere, talking to other like-minded thrift divers, and just sharing projects and blog comments! (So much fun!!!)


And someone on Twitter asked me, “Do you know where the best thrift stores are in Minneapolis, by any chance? I’m going to be visiting there soon.”

Dang! I don’t know! But because I’m always thinking of ways to grow this blog so that it’s totally valuable to my readers (all 100 of y’all, hahaha), I reeaaaaallllly want to create a database of some sort, so that people here know where to find the best thrift stores, regardless of any state!

What do you think??

But I can’t do it alone!

So…………don’t be shy! 🙂 Please leave a comment below, telling:

Your Favorite Thrift Store:

1. What’s the NAME of your favorite thrift store? (What state?)

2.  WHERE is it located? (e.g. state)

3.  What do you LIKE about it? What do you DISLIKE?

And once responses, I’m going to create a page so that you all know where to go, and we can all share!

Sounds good?

Awesome!  Now leave a comment 🙂

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  1. Dallas Tx is pretty good for thrift stores. I moved to my area in E Dallas because it has 5 thrift stores within a very short distance of each other There used to be 6. I moved to my neighborhood because of the thrift stores. I never tire of them. 3 of them are large and one is huge.

    I used to shop at a huge thrift store in Phoenix Az, when I lived there. That one is hard to replace. It’s called Savers. They had more than one.

  2. Lexi Founder says:

    The best thrift store is Lost and Found Thrift in Bountiful, Utah just north of Salt Lake City, UT. They have tons of vintage stuff and the people and prices are great

  3. And if you are looking to save time and save money, check out a little thrift shop in Athens, GA called
    The Pope on Prince. The place has amazing curated thrtift slightly higher than a regular thrtift store, but the selection is beautiful , the store is clean and organized nicely. I find it overwhelming to have to search for hours to save a few bucks, at the Pope, seems like every piece is something great I would want. The prices ranged from $5.00 for vintage shirts to about $50 for high waisted destroyed vintage jeans. I mean really hard to find jeans… Lots of them.
    The downsize is that most of the sizes are xs to md. I noticed that there were very little large sizes. But again, most of the inventory was highly curated and just amazing.

  4. My favorite thrift store is in Plainwell, MI

    Which is Salvation Army (and worth hitting up the goodwill right up the road).

    It is decent sized (not too big not too small) and always has new stuff! I have found many GREAT items there from leather jackets to jerseys to everything under the sun. I should specify that I am mostly involved in clothing (men’s) but he women’s section is even larger!

    They have a color of the week that is 50% off every week and .99 on that sat for the given color as well as senior discounts on Wednesdays And a 10% student discount. They run a 5 clothing for 5 dollars sale for practically any holiday you can imagine.

    Con: bathroom is rough (try to avoid by going to the walgreen’s in the same parking lot.

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