Cedar & Cotton Thrift Store: More Than Just a Thrift Store in Baltimore

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Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Serena who wanted to start a blog about her house. Her old house. She barely had any DIY skillz, and she had no money to decorate.

Dude…she had, like, no readers.

Well, maybe a handful… Loyal readers they were, indeed, who had somehow found Serena online. So loyal that 3.5 years later, those same readers are still reading her blog and have become friends with her–only, friends she’d never met in real life.

Until today.

Meet Raina, owner of Cedar and Cotton thrift store in Baltimore.


Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store - Raina owner - Thrift Diving


Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store in Baltimore

It’s hard to believe that I have known Raina for so long, and even live in the same state as her, but surprisingly, have never met her face-to-face! It felt like seeing an old friend, though! Not that awkward “Um-hey-how-are-um-you?” moment. Why hadn’t she and I get together sooner?! She has such a great spirit!


Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store - Serena and Raina owner - Thrift Diving


She reached out and asked me to attend the grand opening of her and her partner, Nasira’s, new thrift store, Cedar & Cotton (which is such an awesome name!), out of Baltimore, Maryland.

Of course, I’ll attend! You’ve been supporting my blog all these years, now it’s time for me to give back.

And can I just say that they have amazing pieces?!


Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store - Mid century modern buffet - Thrift Diving


I loved the mid century modern furniture vibe they had going on.

And seriously, if I had $600, I would have snatched up that sofa! How cool is it that the side table is attached?!


Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store - Mid century modern sofa - Thrift Diving


Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store - Mid century modern sofa with stand attached. - Thrift Diving


They had a nice spread of food sitting out, along with some of their more awesome pieces. I was worried the kids would get bored, but when it involves cupcakes and cool stuff like vintage globes, thankfully, they were entertained and didn’t cause too much of a problem!


Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store in Baltimore - Vintage globes. - Thrift Diving



Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store in Baltimore - Tall mid century modern dresser. - Thrift Diving


I loved the little side table for $60!


Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store in Baltimore - Side table and shelf. - Thrift Diving


These are so cute, aren’t they?! I think $20 was totally reasonable. Why didn’t I buy them!


Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store in Baltimore - Vintage gold glasses - Thrift Diving


They make those cool hanging lamps, too.


Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store in Baltimore - Rope lamp - Thrift Diving

I did end up getting this cute little clock for $15! The timer works, but I’m not sure if the clock works. I need to get some fresh batteries before trying it. It’s soooo cute. My favorite color!

Cedar and Cotton Thrift Store in Baltimore - Turquoise clock - Thrift Diving


I’m really proud of Raina! Cedar & Cotton has been in the works since January ’15, and they find all the best stuff at estate sales, thrift stores, etc., then refinishes them. Go, Raina!

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And I’m so grateful for her, and for all of you, that read my blog so faithfully. You guys are the best!!

Okay, now go check out Raina and Nasira’s shop and blog, Cedar & Cotton, and tell them Serena sent you! 🙂



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  1. Sarah Kate says:

    I just love that first pic of Raina! You really captured her spirit I think! Love the unique pieces in the shop. Congrats, Raina!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Serena, hope their store does well

  3. I just wanted to cry–tears of JOY!!!! What a fun store. Love the walls. And so awesome for you two to meet in person????. Raina, the best to you in your business venture! We know that your side of the U.S. Is the best place for shopping vintage. Happy, successful days ahead????????

  4. I really enjoyed your blog and Raina and friend’s shop. Serena, you are so delightful. Enjoy your clock timer. Judy Marks

    1. Thanks, Judith! I’m really glad you enjoy my blog! 🙂 Makes me happy to hear! 🙂

  5. Lovely – thank you for sharing Raina new shop! It’s time for me to tour shops in Baltimore.

  6. Raina, can’t wait to see you again, too! I hope your boys can join us. Maybe a thrift trip?? 😉

  7. Gregory miles says:

    Wow that was beautiful and informative it was written so well it made me feel like I was at the event It could not have happen to better person than Raina and I agree with you 100 percent she has a wonderful and lovely sprit I loved the couch with the table attached I love it and now looking forward to what new and exciting furniture is coming our way next love the glasses looking forward to doing business with you guy’s

    1. Awww….thanks, Gregory! And I agree! She has this amazing energy about her! Not everyone has that. LOL. She’s pretty special!

  8. I can’t thank you enough for coming!! I was amazing seeing you in real life and I soooooo can’t wait to hang again!!

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