6 Simple Garage Storage Solutions You Can Do Yourself!

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When you’re looking for garage organization ideas, it’s hard to imagine how all your stuff could finally have a place to call its own. I’ve always operated under the idea that when I use a tool, it won’t get put back for at least 2 months. HA! That’s a frustrating way to work in the garage. It’s time to do something about that disorganization.

If you’re struggling with storage ideas, too, you might find these as helpful as I did! Plus, you can tweak any of these ideas for other parts of your home, especially craft rooms!

 6 Simple Garage Storage Solutions to organize your garage - Thrift Diving

#1 Simple Garage Storage Idea: The Easiest Tool Storage EVER!

Yes!! My heart sang when I saw this easy storage idea over on RYOBI Nation! Literally, the only thing you need to create this tool storage is scrap wood, nails, a hammer, and a power drill with drill bits for holding the tools. That’s it!

You probably could create this from stuff you already have in your house. Why didn’t I think of this already?


Easy DIY Tool Solution Idea: Use scrap wood to store tools on the wall!


Click here to see this post on RYOBI Nation.


#2 Simple Garage Storage Idea: Hang Tools in an Old Cabinet!

This is an awesome idea!! If you’ve recently done a kitchen or bathroom makeover and you’ve got an old cabinet lying around, why not add some pegboard to the inside and store your tools in there??

Someone on RYOBI Nation posted this “Cabinet Safekeeper” project, which was brilliant!


Reuse an old cabinet and add pegboard to store tools. - Thrift Diving


Here’s a tip: when hanging a pegboard, you have to make sure there is space behind the pegboard for the hooks to comfortably hang. To do this, just add small pieces of wood like these brackets, then use your RYOBI nailer or screws to secure the pegboard to the brackets.


6 simple garage organization tips - Attach a pegboard to 1x2 vertical boards. - Thrift Diving


Let’s keep going with this idea….. imagine securing two cabinets together, back to back, and putting them on wheels so you can easily move it, and having your tools hanging inside….aaaaaaand tossing a big piece of wood (or an old door) on top… You’d have the Ultimate Cabinet Safekeeper! I might just have to try this!!!

Click here to see the Cabinet Safekeeper on RYOBI Nation.


#3 Simple Garage Storage Solution: Get Skinny on the Walls!

People who have garages are lucky, aren’t they? (I’m thankful for my 2-car-garage). But even with the luck of a garage, some people actually park cars in there! {insert aha moment here: “ooooh, yeah, garages are supposed to be for cars, aren’t they?!!”}.

When you’re parking your car in there, though, you may not have much space to store things.

So I like what this person on RYOBI Nation did, using that itty, bitty tiny space from the garage opening to the wall, and added skinny little shelving and a workstation area! So even if you’re one of the .0005% of people who actually park in your garage, you’ll still have plenty of space for storage!  😉


6 simple garage organization tips - Build skinny shelves on garage walls so the car still fits in. - Thrift Diving


Click here to read more about this DIY Easy Garage Storage.


#4 Simple Garage Storage Solution – A Wall-Mounted Lumber Rack!

Here’s another project idea that made the lightbulb go off when I saw it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lugged home huge, 10-foot-long pieces of wood and I haven’t known where to put it. It just kind of sits there, in the way. These boards can take up a lot of space and be a bit unruly!

If you have a long wall, you can easily make a few of these brackets!

This project only takes about 3 hours to make and mount! Sweet!


6 simple garage organization tips - Idea for storing lumber on the wall in the garage. - Thrift Diving


Click here for more info on making this DIY lumber rack.


#5 Simple Garage Storage Solution – Scrap Wood Storage Bin!

This was a project I created on RYOBI Nation using an old cabinet that I removed from my laundry room. I decided to turn it into a workstation and create an easy solution for storing scrap wood by building wooden “arms” on the side of it (using 2x4s) to hold DIY baskets of scrap wood!


Upcycle an old cabinet into a workstation, and easily build DIY scrap wood storage on the side. | ThriftDiving.com


Depending on the size of your baskets (I upcycled buffet warmers into baskets), you can adjust the width of the wooden “arms,” allowing enough space to slide in whatever size baskets you’re using. Space is also available on the side of the bins to store tall and skinny pieces of wood!

Bye-bye, little pieces of scrap wood scattered everywhere! And since the bins are attached to the workstation, it’s easy to just toss in leftover pieces of wood as you’re working!

Click here for the full tutorial on how to build a scrap wood storage bin.


Upcycle an old cabinet into a garage workstation, and easily build DIY scrap wood storage on the side. | ThriftDiving.com


#6 Simple Garage Storage Solution – Portable Storage Caddy!

I remember seeing this portable storage caddy sometime ago and loved it. How many times have you been in the middle of the project and you have to keep running back to grab something else you forgot? If you can store all your “must haves” on something portable like this in the garage, you won’t have to make multiple interruptions.

From her full tutorial instructions, this looks like something anyone can create! I’m really diggin’ this.

Create a portable storage caddy in your garage to easily access tools and materials during projects!

Click here for more information on the portable storage caddy.



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So do you have any great garage organization ideas? Leave a comment below and let us know your tip!


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  1. I’m so happy I can add thrift diving to my Pinterest account now!!! #loveryobi?

  2. The perfect ideas for a completely disorganized garage like mine.I hate my garage but I have to go something about it and then I read this article of urs and I feel so inspired.I am gonna start the work today itself and follow your ideas.
    Could you tell me probably how many days it took you to get to this face of your garage?

  3. My husband is a very disorganized person and can never seem to find a place to put the his power tools in. Because of that, I really like your idea about the old cabinet. However, I don’t have an old cabinet laying around, but I could probably get my hands on one from a thrift store or something.

  4. Robert Migala says:

    Portable storage cart.

  5. I lone the rolling storage cart!

  6. I love the CABINET SAFEKEEPER!! My husband and I work on a lot of volunteer construction and maintenance projects and always have to switch up what we will take with us. All the tools look tidy and easy to find or to tell if something is missing. Looks like it would help save us a lot of time when we’re on the run!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love the tools storage idea (#1) for the screwdrivers. Doesn’t look to hard to make and even we have space for that in our tiny apartment.

  8. Cindy Downing says:

    tools in the cabinet

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