How to Make a DIY Pendant Light: DIY Lighting

How to Make a DIY Pendant Light: DIY Lighting

Sometimes you just get attached to things and can’t let them go, and in those time, you just upcycle it into awesome DIY lighting!

Even when they’re all broken up. That’s what happened with this Crate and Barrel fruit basket I had bought about 10 years ago.

Isn’t it cute?

“Life” got the better of it and it just snapped in two! Oh, the heart break!

How to Upcycle an Old Wire Fruit Basket into a Pendant Lamp



Broken! **sob sob**……



How-to-Make-a-DIY-Pendant-Light DIY Lighting -


Hanging about my vintage drafting table in my thrifted craft room!


How to make a DIY pendant light: DIY Lighting. Great craft room ideas!


I knew that the bottom part, which was intact, could still hold our yummy fruit….but I immediately thought, “PENDANT LIGHT!!!” when I saw the top part.

And yes……there she is!!!


Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp

Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp


Check out how cool the ceiling looks when I switch on the DIY pendant light? AMAZING, instant ceiling art. HAHAHAH

Wouldn’t that be cool in a kid’s room or something? Maybe even with a colored light!

Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp

How to Make a DIY Pendant Light: DIY Lighting


STEP 1: Gather your materials.

How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp - Thrift Diving Blog_9

For this project, you’ll need the following materials:


  • A light kit. You can order a lamp kit on Amazon for about $10. That’s where I got mine.

Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp


  • A lamp kit. This will allow you to hang your pendant lamp from the ceiling.

Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp


  • A chain. I got mine from the Home Depot for about $0.99 a foot, and I bought 8 feet. I probably could have used a bit more, maybe and extra foot, but it depends on the height of your ceiling. And you can totally use something more decorative, like this heart link cable which is super cute!

Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp

  • Pliers. PLEASE don’t try to pull apart chain links with your teeth. 😉 LOL
  • A screw driver. You’ll need it when you’re attaching the lamp cord to the base of the lamp screws.
  • A drill (not pictured). When you attached your swag hook, you’ll need to drill a hole for the anchor. Also, if the object you’re using doesn’t currently have a hole at the top, you will need to drill one. I’m going to assume you know how to drill wood? If not, grab someone handy. Google some other videos on how to drill metal or other objects you’re considering turning into DIY pendant lamps.
  • A light bulb (but, of course!). Vintage Edison bulbs are great for these types of lamps, even though I didn’t have one at the time.

Vintage Edison Bulb



STEP 1: Locate the metal prongs.

Take your lamp cord and locate the 2 metal prongs at the end of the wire.

Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp


STEP 2: Thread the lamp cord.

The prongs will through the top cap piece of the lamp kit. It doesn’t matter which way you insert it.

Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp

STEP 3: Insert the lamp cord through the top of the pendant light.

NOTE: If you’re DIY pendant lamp needs a hole drilled, now’s the time to do it. I recommend the Ryobi 18V ONE+ drill. It’s super easy to use and the battery works with all Ryobi ONE+ tools!



Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp


STEP 4: Thread the lamp cord to the piece that comes off of the lamp base.

Hard to explain, but if you watch the video above, you’ll see what I mean! Those wires that are sticking out there, pull them through to give yourself some slack.

How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp - Thrift Diving Blog_2

How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp - Thrift Diving Blog_4

Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp



Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp

STEP 5: Bend the wires at the end of the lamp cord.

Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp

STEP 6: Attach the wires.

Using your screwdriver, loosen the gold screw and the silver screws on the lamp base and then cup the wire underneath the screw and tighten to hold in place. NOTE: If your lamp doesn’t work, switch the wires; you’ve got them on the wrong screw 🙂

Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp

STEP 7: Slide the black switch up inside of the lamp base that will hold the light bulb.


Thrift Diving How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp


STEP 8: Attach the lamp base to the cap, and–VOILA!–you’ve got a new DIY light!


How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp - Thrift Diving Blog_6


 How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp - Thrift Diving Blog_7

STEP 9: Attach the chain.

Here is where you will want to use your pliers to pull apart the chain links. They’re tough to get open! Also, make sure that you’re lamp is balanced. I hooked the chain so that each side had the same number of links and we all positions equality. Otherwise, it will be off-balanced.

How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp - Thrift Diving Blog_11


How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp - Thrift Diving Blog_12


STEP 10: Now go brag to your friends!

They won’t believe you were so crafty 🙂

And there ya go!

A really cheap way to add something interesting to your decor, so that when people come over, they can’t believe you hung a–GASP–fruit basket from your craft room ceiling. Oh, and hubby still keeps shaking his head at me, asking, “WHY did you make that? I still don’t get it….”

No, dear, you never will. It’s a DIY thing 😉

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How to Make a DIY Pendant Light - DIY Lighting - From an Upcycled Fruit Basket




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  1. Diane says:

    I’m much older and haven’t crafted. Earlier this year just your positive attitude gave me encouragement to try to make a simple door wreath. It turned out quite nice and I’m proud of it. My husband and grown kids liked it. I’m proud of you to do what you feel you’re called to do. My concern is that your husband doesn’t back you. That will make a difficult living situation, especially the more you grow and become popular!! Again, if you were here I would be hugging you. God bless and carry on showing even ‘older’ women they can do this!! Thank you.

    • Hi, Diane!! So sorry for the delay in responding! I’ve been traveling a lot. Glad I didn’t miss this comment! Oh wow, you will have to send me a picture of your door wreath! 🙂 YAY! Good for you getting started with crafting! You’ll see that it will make you very happy tapping into your creative side. As for not getting support from hubby, you are right. He supports me in that he stays home with the kids when I have travel, which people remind me often how great of a husband he is for doing that. But I do know that his negative comments at times, when I am looking for positivity, sucks at times. I just try to find my best support here in the Thrift Diving community and with my blogger friends! 🙂 Thanks for your kind comment!!! Hope you’re doing more crafting, too!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I just love the shadows this puts on the ceiling! I was nervous about the wiring part but you made it so easy, thanks!

  3. Rachelle says:

    This is so cool and creative! I love the shadow it casts on the ceiling. Thanks for posting the instructions on how you made it. Found you on the AT Homies and now following. Love your blog!

  4. Liberty Boblett says:

    I love the shadows the light cast off! Great and easy to understand DIY!

  5. mitchelle says:

    I do think you can market those creative stuff you have. You can sell online and ship it to whoever wants to buy.

    • Serena says:

      You’re right! I think that’s the plan down the road. Right now, I have so many blank spaces in my house that needs some creativity, all my stuff goes into decorating my own house. Soon I will begin selling! 🙂 Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  6. Pam says:

    Very unique idea and quite beautiful. Love the shadows on the ceiling -although it might make one slightly dizzy ;).

    You really have very cool ideas and you are so creative. Too bad you can’t bottle that and market it.

    • Serena says:

      I know, you should have seen my face when I first turned it on. I was like, “WHOA, what?!” I didn’t think about the shadows it would create! But afterwards, I think it was pretty cool, and it gave me some ideas for other lamps I could make specifically with holes or some other designs just to create the cool shadow effect on the ceiling 🙂 Kids would love something like that!

  7. this is very cool and I ma need to give this a shot some day!

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