My Dresses From Thrift Stores

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Every now and then I love me a good thrift store dress. And while this is a thrifting blog, I typically post about all my thrift store furniture makeovers, not thrift store fashion (just check out my Project Gallery).

But thrift diving is in my blood. So whenever I go on vacation to different cities (read my post about the best thrift store in Seattle), I love to visit their thrift stores and see what I can find.

I’m going to share with you a few of those items that I have found along the way in my travels!

Thrift Stores Dresses in Hawaii

Several years ago I visited Hawaii for a friend’s 40th birthday. Well, have you ever wondered what fun things you can find in Hawaii? I was about to find out.


$8.00 thrift store animal print dress


That’s my crazy friend, Angela, that I met with my group in Hawaii. She loves all things crafty and thrifty like me, so she was down for a little thrift diving, too! 🙂





So last week I emailed that pic to her and asked, “How would you accessorize this dress?

Her response??

“I wouldn’t. Animal prints are played out.”

Say WHAT?!

When did that happen?

So I knew I needed to ask my Thrift Diving Facebook friends, and you all were AWESOME and overwhelming agreed that my friend didn’t know anything and that animal prints NEVER go out of style and is classic! You gave some great suggestions, like pairing leopard prints with black accessories, fitted blazers or cardigan, black tights, maybe loafers or pumps; some said YES for pairing with red, some said NO WAY with red.

Also, some said animal prints are fine as long as you do one print at a time (not the whole sha-bang).

I tried to work with what I already had in my limited closet, and this is what I came up with.

What do you think?


Thrift Diving thrift store clothes animal print dress6.jpg


I paired this dress with whatever I had in my closet. I loved the way it looked with knee-high boots, a black blazer, and a thick belt. I just have to make sure I don’t bend over. I’m a woman that just reached her 40’s. The booty can’t be showing at this age, am I right?


This $8.00 thrift store animal print dress would look great with a black sweater, too!


Thrift Diving thrift store clothes animal print dress3.jpg


I wonder if big, bushy hairdo’s ever go out of style?

If so……then I’m in trouble!


Thrift Diving thrift store clothes animal print dress4.jpg


Thrift Diving thrift store clothes animal print dress5.jpg

Sometimes just a silly face makes you look good, no matter what you’re wearing.

Thrift Diving thrift store clothes animal print dress2.jpg


One of my favorite thrift store dresses I found while digging through racks and racks of frumpiness is this designer dress by Rachel Pally.


While I know nothing about name brands, I know quality when I see it. The fabric was clingy and thick. I didn’t even try it on–I just knew the M for “medium” would look nice on me.

Later, when I looked up the name, Rachel Pally, sure enough–these designer dresses go for $160 – $260! That was a great deal.


Thrift Diving thrift store clothes dress Rachel Pally3.jpg


The twisted, knotted bodice is so flattering and feminine.


Thrift Diving thrift store clothes dress Rachel Pally9.jpg


I loved how the back scooped down.

Thrift Diving thrift store clothes dress Rachel Pally5.jpg


Thrift Diving thrift store clothes Rachel Pally7.jpg


Trying to have a mini-fashion shoot in the basement with your kids around can be a little challenging, but I had to take a moment to take some cute pics of my youngest son.


Thrift Diving with the baby2.jpg


Don’t you love how toddlers always seem to lose one sock and walk around with the other one all day? Awwww…….

Thrift Diving with the baby.jpg

Anyhow, this next dress also came from that Hawaiian Goodwill. I love this one, too! I knew with a belt, it could be fabulous!

The colors were amazing.


Thrift store clothes spring dress


And it even complimented my backside, which, in my opinion, is a MUST when you buy clothing!


Thrift store clothes spring dress


So I tossed on a belt with it and I think it looks good.

I loved this picture so much that I made it my Thrift Diving profile picture. It’s become my signature pic!


Thrift Diving thrift store clothes spring dress2.jpg

It’s smart to add pockets to women’s dresses.


Thrift Diving thrift store clothes spring dress.jpg


Thrift Diving thrift store clothes spring dress3.jpg


Here’s another dress I bought from my own thrift store some time ago. It 100% silk, and was $10. While I loved it, it was too tight throughout the bodice.

Thrift Diving thrift store clothes silk dress.jpg


This is one of my favorite outfits found at the thrift store:

The entire thrifted outfit was under $10: the top was $4, and the pants were about $6.

(The shoes were $5.00 from another store).


This is the sexiest top I have ever found at the thrift store, for $7.00!



Here’s a look you won’t find me rockin’.


But it sure was fun to try on for laughs at the thrift store. 🙂

Thrift store clothes_pink nightmare


Your Turn!

I want to hear from you all!

Do you like shopping for thrift store dresses?


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  1. Lynn Mari says:

    Your hair is GORGEOUS! Love the curls.. will never go out of style!

  2. Such cute finds! I love that you bring them home and “dress them up” with cute accessories. It makes a whole new look a lot more affordable. 🙂

  3. Looking gorgeous!!! Great outfit feels so cool. Thanks for sharing your pics

  4. Love the leopard print dress! I think it would look really cute dressed down with a jean jacket and sandals or flats.

  5. I love your comment on wearing your hair natural. It makes me sad when I see black women wearing wigs to hide their hair. There is nothing prettier than a black woman wearing her own hair and flaunting it. Serena your hair is gorgeous and you wear it so well. I hope other women find the courage from your example.

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