A Pretty Thrifted DIY Headboard

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I’m still kicking myself over these vintage headboards I found at the thrift store. Why, you ask? Because there were three at least, and I only bought one!!! I wasn’t listening to my inner thrift gut that says, “If you love it, buy it. It won’t be here tomorrow.” SIGH.

Imagine my surprise when I found this pretty little headboard. The wood was gorgeous “as-is”, and I know sometimes you shouldn’t paint wood, but I knew with paint and new fabric, it would look fantastic.





Pretty Vintage Headboard Makeover From the Thrift Store

Not just ONE…..but there were several there. And for the life of me, I can’t understand why I only grabed “one” of something so good (just like I only took one of those patio tables I found beside the dumpster, when there were three!!!). (Probably money or lack of space).

Because you know when I went back the very next day to the thrift store, all 4 others (yes, I said FOUR!) were totally GONE


I’m glad that I at least got my hands on one of them because it turned out AMAZING! 


Thrift Diving DIY Thrifted Headboard.jpg


It’s such a sweet headboard. I really wish I had a place to use it in my own house. I am actually thinking that I may turn it into a bench, with matching cushions/seat. Wouldn’t that be so pretty?!

It’s a full-sized headboard (measures 54″ wide and 28″ tall), but I could see it being a really great seat back, couldn’t you?!

This could make an amazing bench at a dining table!!!

Thrift Diving DIY Painted Headboard2.jpg

Okay, on to the details….

What I Used – DIY Headboard



When I popped out the upholstered panels, I saw there was caning under there. Some people love caning. Me? Not so much…….

I painted the headboard in Paris Grey Chalk Paint®. Ohhhhh…..how I love this color! Remember I did this French Provincial desk in Paris Grey? It’s a very fresh color!

At first, I wasn’t going to paint the wood. It really was in great condition. But this headboard passed all the “rules” of when I felt it was okay to paint wood, so I broke out the paintbrush. (Read the article I wrote When Should You NOT Paint Wood Furniture? for tips for when to leave wood alone).



I even tested using Chalk Paint® on fabric. I see a lot of DIY’ers trying it out. Meh…It did sort of feel like leather and could have been a good alternative if I didn’t have pretty fabric. But I didn’t like the look of it. At least, not for this piece.




I pulled off the old fabric, which apparently, was a reupholstered job itself because even further down in the layers I found another fabric that must have been the original. Third time’s a charm, right?



I didn’t take a picture of it, but I used my staple gun to add the new fabric. It was tough getting around the slight curves, but I think it turned out nicely!

After I recovered the panels, I used Gorilla Glue epoxy to secure them. That stuff is tough! I didn’t have any small upholstery tacks or anything, so glue was my go-to solution!

Here’s another look at the BEFORE and AFTER:




I lightly distressed it and applied a nice coat of clear wax. Voila!

Thrift Diving DIY Painted Headboard3.jpg


Thrift Diving DIY Painted Headboard.jpg


So what do you think??


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  1. Don’t you hate when you pass up a good project! At least you picked up one of them and the makeover is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the project this week. #HomeMattersParty

  2. Hi Serena. Good looking upcycle. I think it’s so perfect for a bench. Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday.

  3. Oh my gosh!! This looks soo amazing! I love how it turned out! I do the same thing with thrifted finds… if there’s more than one .. why did I not buy all of them!! Oh well it just means you have to go out thrifting again to find more treasures 😂👍🏻

    Come link up to my centerpiece Wednesday linky party and share your ideas! It goes live every Tuesday at 4pm MST


  4. Gorgeous headboard makeover. Love the fabric selection. Thanks so much for sharing at a Love Your Creativity. I shall be featuring this beautiful headboard next Sunday.

  5. It is beautiful!!
    So, do you sell your creations?? Just wondering…it is darling though.
    I think if you could pull off a bench, that would be marvelous!!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I have sold my creations here and there, but I generally use them for my own house since I need so much “work” done to my house and some much decorating to be done. LOL. Thank you for stopping over!

  6. Nice makeover! Love the yellow you chose! Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Hope to see ya next week!

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous! When you pulled off the panels, what was holding it on? I have some dining chairs that are upholstered on two sides and when I pulled the panels off they were nailed/tacked in but it’s going to be tricky to find the right way to reattach them. I love your idea of using Gorilla Epoxy but am not sure whether that would work. I’ve never done that before!

    More to Mrs. E

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