BEFORE & AFTER: Look What I Found Next to the Dumpster!

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I’m not ashamed to pull something from the trash (as long as I don’t have to climb INSIDE…). If someone is throwing away something good, and I can salvage it with a little bit of paint and creativity, why the hell not??

Some of you might remember this commercial-style outdoor table that I posted on my Facebook back in August. I peeped it on a Friday while leaving work, sitting next to the dumpster. WHOA…..And there were 3 of them!! I rolled back the next day, with my new minivan (thank God for it!), and one of them fit PERFECTLY in the back! Too bad I didn’t get all 3, but scoring one was just as good.

There’s no such thing as TRASH–found next to the dumpster at work!


I’m sorry that I was slow to get this project started, because now it’s FALL and this is totally a SPRING table, but again–who the hell cares? I’m going to rock it all season, and I dare someone to say something about it 🙂

So anyhow, I took it home and this is what it looked like while it sat in my garage for 2 months:

Who would throw this thing away?!?! It’s SOLID….


Two months later…..a big blue flower on top (using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)…..and some Apple Green spray paint on the legs……and this is my new FREE table! 🙂

Painted outdoor patio table using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


I’m not in any way a floral-painting artist by trade, so excuse the free-hand imperfections. But I love it, and hell, for it being FREE– all the better! And what’s even better, is that in a year or two, if I totally want to repaint it something else, I can do that without any guilt or hesitation! WOO HOO!

Okay, so here’s a few pics of the process I had to go through with this table.




The last step that I will need to do is to WAX it, using the Annie Sloan Clear Wax. Supposedly this paint is suitable for outdoor use, so we shall see, huh?

This was a fun project! Next time, I would definitely not trust my “whimsical” calling and attempt it free-hand. I would buy, or make my own template. But again, who cares? When the kids have all their food stuck to the top and their are plates and/or wine glasses covering the top, no one will notice it’s not drawn to scale! HA!

Did you enjoy this project? Here are some of my other tables:





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  1. You’re so smart. Your new table looks awesome. I would have never imagine to use that table for anything. Congratulations!!!!thrift

  2. You’re so smart. Your new table looks awesome. I would have never imagine to use that table for anything. Congratulations!!!!

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