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How to Make a DIY Ornaments Keepsake Box

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This DIY keepsake box for your ornaments is the perfect way to store your ornaments after the holidays are over! For more holiday project ideas, check out my DIY word light “FAMILY” signDIY wall-mounted Christmas tree, and DIY ornaments.

How to Make a DIY Ornaments Keepsake Box - Thrift Diving

If there’s one thing I love doing on this blog it’s repurposing something old and discarded into something else.

Some call it “repurposing” but I like to think of it as “flexing your creativity muscle.”

I had binged on Project Runway and my absolute favorite episodes are their “unconventional” challenges, where they have to make beautiful garments out of the most unlikely thing.

So that’s what I had in mind when I saw this scrap piece of railing at the ReStore: I was going to make something cool from the most unlikely thing: Christmas DIY ornaments!


Repurposed Wood Into Ornaments - Thrift Diving 2


It was stuck in this pile of scrap wood.


Repurposed Wood Into Ornaments - Thrift Diving


I felt like a Project Runway designer–only, instead of making some gorgeous dress out of wood chips, I was going to make something to put in my house. LOL


Repurposed Wood Into DIY ornaments


I busted out my power drill and hollowed out the middle.


Repurposed Wood into DIY ornaments 2

….made the cutest dangly DIY ornaments from those adorable little spindles!


How to Make a DIY Ornaments Keepsake Box8960


And then I said, “You know what would be really cool?? Not just to make DIY ornaments, but to make their own DIY ornaments keepsake box!


How to Make a DIY Ornaments Keepsake Box8971


I still can’t believe I made this pretty little thing from scratch!!

I’m sort of like the “let’s-just-buy-boxed-cake” kind of girl. But I’m slowly becoming a “we-bakin’-this-from-scratch-yo!” kind of artist. It’s pretty exciting.

And it’s exciting to think of being able to make someone a DIY ornaments keepsake box.


How to Make a DIY Ornaments Keepsake Box9031


I wanted to stencil the outside with snowflakes but guess who couldn’t find their stenciling materials?? ME <~~ the unorganized crafter/builder! So please excuse the lack of painted stencils! Those will come later!

But here are some other ideas on ways to embellish it:

  • Painted stencils on the front (snowflakes, “Happy Holidays,” etc.)
  • Writing a poem or the lyrics to your favorite holiday song on the inside doors.
  • Adding a decorative handle to the top so that you can carry it easily in and out of storage.
  • Adding hardware to the back and hanging it on your wall.
  • Making something like this to hang on the wall for your jewelry! 🙂

How to Make a DIY Ornaments Keepsake Box

Click here to head over to RYOBI Nation for my step-by-step tutorial and plans on how to make your own ornaments keepsake box!


How to Make a DIY Ornaments Keepsake Box8962





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  1. Cindy Downing says:

    I wish i could post a picture here of some ornaments i made out of identical spindles. I left mine short, spray painted them silver and then silver glitter and attached just for hanging them.

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