How to Make a DIY Drink Holder

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I wish my arms were twice as long so that I could reach behind and pat myself on the back! HA

I know… pride is sinful, but sometimes you create something that makes you want to raise your Power Tools Prowess flag and wave that mug in the air like you just don’t care!

And this is one of those moments. That’s how I feel about this DIY drink holder (with a snacks compartment) that I made this weekend, guys!


How to Make a DIY Drink Holder - Free plans - Thrift Diving


DIY Drink Holder with Snack Compartment - 7345


RYOBI Nation must like me because they asked me to submit monthly projects to RYOBI Nation, which is an awesome place to get woodworking and building project ideas.

September’s theme is FANtastic Sports so I wanted to create something that I’d love to personally use.

Lately I’ve been using a lot more power tools and doing more building projects, so I was stoked to get started (but it’s still hard to maneuver around the old baby crib and other junk in there! LOL


In my workshop


I pulled together my materials as best as I could and made a DIY drink holder!

How cool is this for hosting game nights and parties at your house?!


DIY Drink Holder with Snack Compartment - 7316



(You’ll have to overlook the shots with empty root beer bottles… Sometimes DIY is just like that when you need a pretty picture!)


I can’t wait to show you how I made this and why this was such an important project for me (along with the awesome layering of stain I did to make this DIY drink holder look a bit weathered)!

(Let’s just say the learning curve was steep, y’all!)


DIY Drink Holder with Snack Compartment - 7355


How to Make This DIY Drink Holder

(Detailed blog post coming soon!)






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