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Repurpose a Wooden Wine Box with Mod Podge!

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One of my favorite aisles to visit at the thrift store is the aisle with little random wooden boxes. They can always be repurposed into something else, especially with paint and scrapbook paper.

One day I was at the thrift store and saw this gorgeous treasure chest wooden wine box that looked to be in good condition. The coolest part is that it had a handle! The Old World map on the exterior had some stains on it, so I knew that I would want to cover that part up.

I decided to repurpose the wooden wine box into a DIY knitting kit and decoupage the exterior with scrapbook paper!


Make a DIY knitting kit from a wooden wine box

I just have that kind of luck at the thrift store. This was perfect for my niece, who I wanted to make a knitting kit for her for Christmas. I love DIY homemade gifts!



The body of it was interesting, but stained and not attractive at all, as I mentioned. I knew that if I mod podged some pretty, vintage-y scrapbook paper, it would look even better. (You can buy Mod Podge here). I prefer the Matte version because the glossy Mod Podge looks too….well….glossy :).

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.53.12 AM


I used a foam brush to apply it.


How to make a DIY knitting kit - Thrift Diving_6302

This is the paper I used. After Mod Podging the paper down, I just applied a layer of Mod Podge over the paper. Adding a coat of Mod Podge over the scrapbook paper is perfect for sealing it to protect it from moisture. 

Don’t worry that it’s milky in appearance. It will dry clear. If you used a matte finish, it will have just a little bit of shine. But if you use the Glossy finish, it will be much more shiny. 

I personally don’t care for the Glossy because you can see the brush strokes once it dries. However, the Matte leaves much less noticeable brush strokes.

How to make a DIY knitting kit - Thrift Diving_6300

When the scrapbook paper was all dried, the wooden wine box looked fabulous!!! I loved how the scrapbook paper made the wood “pop” more! It was in good condition so I didn’t have to refinish or paint the wood.

How to make a DIY knitting kit - Thrift Diving_6322

And the inside was perfectly suited for some yard and knitting needles 🙂

How to make a DIY knitting kit - Thrift Diving_6320

I like that the straps can easily hold a skein of yarn or a few balls of yarn!

How to make a DIY knitting kit - Thrift Diving_6321


How to make a DIY knitting kit - Thrift Diving_6318

This upcycled wooden wine case is so adorable!!!

How to make a DIY knitting kit - Thrift Diving_6316


How to make a DIY knitting kit - Thrift Diving_6315


How to make a DIY knitting kit - Thrift Diving_6312


How to make a DIY knitting kit - Thrift Diving_6310

BEFORE YOU GO….. A Few More DIY Gift Ideas

An upcycle or repurposed wooden wine back is a great gift idea, especially when you add fun things, like a knitting kit! Here are some extra DIY gift ideas you might like! 🙂



Don’t you just love DIY homemade gifts??!! 🙂

Have any more ideas for awesome homemade gifts? Leave a comment below and add to the discussion!


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  1. As a knitter I think this is the most fantastic gift ever. You are an amazing Aunt.

  2. Cindy Downing says:

    I have never heard of a wine box. How did you know that’s what it was? I have a similar box that i found in my brother’s things after he passed and i didn’t know what it was for. Maybe it’s a wine box.

  3. ok for real did That ^ post way up there say their fav website was for herpes? really now.. Always a blast Serena, thanks for the great idea. I have a long hinged box that packages of tea came in and you’ve given me a great idea to re-purpose it. cheers, Michele

    1. My husband’s family is thrifty and we all believe in recycling! So I shop thrift stores all the way and buy most Christmas gifts second hand! Keep it out is the landfill!
      This year my brother in law who farms is getting a quilted pair of coveralls that retail for $100 or more! I found them on a Local sale FB site. I even knew the lady and she only wanted $5 for quilted coveralls with long sleeves. One little tear but that just gives them character! What a deal!
      Christmas thrifting is the best!

  4. Jeanne Ireland says:

    Great idea with perfect result! I don’t knit so I would remove the top handle, add a strap from one side to the other and use it as a purse.

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