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The Best Power Tool For Drilling and Driving in Tight Spaces

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This review about the Milwaukee M12 FUEL 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 4-in-1 Interchangeable 3/8 in. Drill Driver Kit with 4 Tool Heads is sponsored by Home Depot

If you’ve built, drilled, or screwed things has a hobby or as a profession, I can guarantee you’ve run into the problem of not having enough space to get a large power drill into a tight space. What happens is that you end up drilling and driving crooked, throwing off your entire project. That happened to me several years ago when I built this custom DIY bathroom vanity from scratch.  It was the project that was near and dear to my heart, spanning over a couple of months as I worked out all the details, from sketch to creation. It turned out amazing! But that’s not to say that it wasn’t “trying.” Since it was a project that I have never attempted before, I wasn’t prepared with all the tools and materials I needed.



One of the many problems I ran into was trying to fit a full–sized power drill into the skinny drawers that I built. Well, they weren’t that skinny, but I didn’t plan for how I was going to construct this thing step-by-step. It was rather, “Build as you go and see how it all works out.”

I didn’t have an impact driver, either, which are generally shorter, but honestly, I think that would have been overkill on the birch plywood and draw slides that needed to attached to both sides. It was nearly impossible to get them in due to the tight squeeze. I just remember fighting to get them installed because I didn’t have a tool that could easily fit the drawer spaces.



The Home Depot sent me an amazing tool as part of their Home Depot ProSpective program, the Milwaukee M12 FUEL 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 4-in-1 Interchangeable 3/8 in. Drill Driver Kit with 4 Tool Heads. The size of this baby, with 4 interchangeable heads means that you can get into nearly any tight or awkward space for drilling and driving, including in between studs (which are typically 16″ apart from center to center).

Let’s put it this way: it was the tool that I didn’t know I needed. Until I pulled it out of the included carrying bag and saw all the different configurations it can make! I can only wish that I had this tool available when I was building that custom vanity!



The tool fits securely in my hand, and is only just over 5″ in length. I measured my standard power drill and driver and it was nearly twice as long, at 9″! You have no idea how great of an access this is to my toolbox! I’ll be honest when I say that I haven’t been this excited over a tool in a long time! It’s the tool I never knew I needed until it arrived. LOL



Not only do you get 4 heads, but each of them can be attached in 16 different positions. So you might need to drill something on the underside of an object, or to the side, or need to get in at an angle or close to an adjacent wall, and this tool can handle it all. How cool is that?!?!



The 4 interchangeable heads that are included are perfect for:

  • 1/4″ hex attachment
  • 3/8″ all-metal chuck attachment
  • Right angle attachment – Perfect for tight corners.
  • Off-set attachment – When you need to drill or drive in an off-set manner.

So I decided to remove one of the drawers of my vanity (which hasn’t fallen apart yet, to my surprise, LOL). I wanted to see if it would have easily fit into the drawer spaces. And sure enough, it fit with no problems!



Of course, I didn’t have to use the right-angle head attachment to prove that it fits in this tight space, but it’s just an example of how accommodating this drill driver is when you need flexibility.



Because the heads can be positioned in one of 16 positions, you can attach it any which way you need to. This little gif is just a sampling of the 16 positions! Kind of reminds me of the head of a duck (or am I the only one seeing this??).



Or if you’re trying to drill a hole or drive a screen close to a wall or edge, a standard drill isn’t going to allow you to get close enough to drill a hole or drive a screw evenly. Guaranteed it will be lopsided. But with the off-set interchangeable head, it allows you to squeeze in close, while still being straight. Brilliant!!! And the way this tool is configured, you can stack a couple of the interchangeable heads when you need even more flexibility.



I’m in the midst of planning for my walk-in closet makeover, and I also plan to build a new vanity for my half bathroom. I’m also buying an investment property this year, and I’m planning to do as much of the work myself as possible. Whether I’ll need to install new kitchen cabinets, build and install vanities, or whatever the project, this tool will be in my toolbox, no doubt.

I’ve never experienced a tool with kind of flexibility. My mind is racing with all kinds of upcoming projects where I will need this. It’s safe to say at this point that this may be the only drill driver that I’ll ever need. Or rather, the one that I reach for first when I’m doing projects.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, this tool offers all the configurations you’ll need for around the house and in the shop.



You might be wondering about the battery. The battery simply slips in the handle of the tool, and when you want to remove it, grasp and pinch the black end of the battery and release it.



I love when tools come with carrying cases, too. It’s much easier to carry from site to site (especially when I buy my investment property), but it helps to protect the tools from dust and debris. And with all these interchangeable heads, you don’t want to lose them. The case is awesome, as is the battery charger that comes with it. 



It’s pretty cool when a tool arrives at your doorstep that you didn’t even realize you needed. When I was building my vanity, I did what I could to get the job done, even though the tools I had were a problem, given the size of my custom build vanity (and the lack of planning that went into it). But knowing that there are tools like this Milwaukee 4-in-1 drill driver kit with 4 tool heads I can complete my walk-in closet without any problem, knowing that this tool will be essential to attaching the structures together without spacing being an issue.

Head over to HomeDepot.com where it’s exclusively sold for $229. 

So have you ever run into a drilling or driving problem where tight spaces made it impossible to accurately or comfortable get a job done? Leave your comment below!




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