Two Days To Go!

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It’s getting so close! I’m fantasizing about paint colors, dreaming about all the things I want to do in our new house……..

Yesterday I went to see my Mom and started picking out paint colors. Our options are a bit limited, because I am sticking to the environmentally-friendly paints at Home Depot, called Fresh Aire. These paints have no VOCs (check out the Dangers of Volatile Organic Compounds) and won’t pollute indoor air quality. It’s amazing how sickening regular paint is, and you never hear anything about it in news. Recently I repainted our closets prior to selling the condo, and after one afternoon of inhaling those fumes, I felt sick with a headache. So, suggestion: If you ever repaint, use no-VOC paint, like Fresh Aire. It’s a bit more expensive, at about $32 per gallon, versus the regular Behr Paint, for example, at around $20-$25 per gallon. Well worth it, though, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyhow, funny how the colors I have selected for the foyer, kitchen, family room, etc., are the SAME colors we had in the condo! Well, damn near. LOL We tend to stay in that red, yellow, and green family. But for our bedroom, I’m going to go with a sky blue, or turquoise color, maybe. Still deciding on that!! But what I want is for our house to be relaxing, and welcoming, and “homey.” I have been trying to decide which is our style of decorating. Modern? Definitely not Traditional…..Contemporary? Maybe instead of trying to pick a style, let’s just decorate with pieces we love.


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