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So last night we got even more done! And here’s the amazing part: after Kilz’ing the front foyer, that “odor” that you’d smell when you walk in–GONE! That stuff is like magic. Best primer! I am using the Kilz Odorless Oil-Based primer. I don’t exactly know the reason why I am using THAT kind (i.e. oil-based) versus the water-based. I think I had just done lots of research and the oil-based kept coming up as a more solid product.

We’re still not officially moved in yet. The kitchen renovation started today. The contractor and his worker came over today to remove some of the kitchen cabinets, along with some of the paneling going down to the basement. He tried removing the paneling in the family room, but because he discovered that there is no old drywall behind the paneling (just studs), he is holding off on that removal until he can get the drywall to put up over the stuffs.


Tonight, hubby, the kids, and myself were there for a bit, and made some food. Is tough when you don’t have plates out…….there’s only cushions to sit on…….and you still feel like you are only “visiting” the house. I can’t WAIT until the kitchen is done (next week!) and we can move in! We should at least start to get the bedrooms together so that we can get the beds/rooms set up. So even if there are unfinished projects around the living areas and kitchen, we can at least go to our comfy rooms and sleep peacefully.

I’m ready to get moved in!!!  Soon….veeeerrry soon 🙂

The foyer “before” I primed and sealed the walls. Now that the walls are sealed, I don’t smell any “odors” that I was smelling before when we walked in the house!! AMAZING! Maybe it was just the left over “old” smell from the wallpaper and such.

Another “before” shot of the walls prior to priming. Those doors will be primed and painted, as well.

Hubby has been working on removing the 3-4 layers of wallpaper glue from the form living room walls. As you can see, there are some brown drywall parts exposed from the scraping, but “skimming” the walls like I did in the dining room will repair them nicely 🙂

Another shot of the formal living room, where layers of wallpaper glue has been removed. You know, this room is sooo large, I realized that there is enough space for a piano! (um, should we ever have a large amount to drop on a piano!)

Front doors partially primed, along with freshly primed walls.

Primed and looking clean!

The wall to the right has been primed, but I still need to sand, prime, and repair the wall going up the stairs, into the upstairs hallway.

Kitchen renovation has started! Top cabinets are mostly removed……

….only to discover this disgusting, outdated wallpaper behind the cabinets. LOL

Looks like someone must have renovated the kitchen at some point (our Sellers??), because the old, old wallpaper was behind the cabinets we just took down. Looks like there were small cabinets up there at some point. Someone took care of this house (out-dated or not).

My youngest son helping out. 🙂  Behind him are all the old cabinets just removed. WHEW! What a relief to see those stinky things go.

My oldest son (aka “Speedy Gonzales”) running through the kitchen.

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