It’s 3:00 a.m………

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And guess what hubby and I are doing? Well, eating “dinner” and unwinding after spending 4-5 hours at the new house, ripping down wallpaper. OMG! We totally didn’t foresee taking on such a tedious project at 10 p.m. on a Friday, but somehow, it just happened. And there we were, in the hallway upstairs, soaking the walls with DIF concentrate (oh, and by the way–buy it from Home Depot for about $5.50 per bottle; Amazon charges twice that amount!!). We sprayed and wiped and scraped and peeled.

Did we worry about lead paint? Nope. I actually couldn’t imagine that there was any dust created, because the walls were thoroughly soaked. And thankfully, it was just one layer of paper, not paper on top of painted or previous papered surfaces!!! Regardless, it wasn’t easy……..But here’s our progress!

Just getting started in the hallway upstairs.


Uh oh…This is going to take some time…..


A handy little tool…..which BROKE! It’s going back to Home Depot tomorrow. Thankfully I had two. It’s the tool to score the wall so the DIF solution can loosen the glue.


ICK. What the previous owner left under the wall plates.


I thought this crap was supposed to come down in sheets…..???!!!


We didn’t have a garden sprayer to apply the solution or water, so a spray bottle had to suffice. However, I do think you need a garden sprayer to thoroughly soak the paper.


Isn’t there an easier way??? Maybe next we try a steamer…..





Making progress!!



Wondering how we’re going to get UP THERE to take down the wallpaper in the stairway. Hope our ladder reaches!


Ummm….Check out Ohene’s room in there….Yes, that wallpaper needs to come down, too.




This looks like a crack house.


What a mess we made.


But we’re done! Well, at least with the hallway! Great teamwork gets you a long way 🙂

More wallpaper removal tomorrow night!!!

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Tell everyone you loved this post! :)

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