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BEFORE & AFTER: Turn an Old Cable Reel Into a DIY Desk!

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Happy 4th of July, everyone!! I hope you’re being safe, and having fun with family! My son turns 8 tomorrow so I’ll be spending some time celebrating with them this weekend. Plus, I’m feeling burned out! So as you get ready for an awesome weekend, you have to see this room makeover and check out the cable reel that Omaira and her husband turned into a DIY desk!

Meet Omaira.

She took part in my 30-Day June Room Challenge (and yay! She’s already sign up for my 30-Day August Upgrade Room Challenge, too!). And one of the things she was looking forward to was converting this cable reel that her husband had given her for Mother’s Day into a desk! (How cool is that?!)

But her guest bedroom/office was so cluttered that fer family couldn’t even WALK through the room, not even to change the light bulb, much less put a DIY cable reel desk in there!

Omaira wants a new space for her and baby and visitors!
Omaira wants a new space for her and baby and visitors!


Omaira's Room AFTER 14


But after 30 days of hardcore clean-up and clean-out, Omaira rocked it out!! Look at that cable-reel-turned-desk!

Omaira's Room AFTER 5

Why did you choose the room/space that you chose? 

It was the most cluttered space in the house, and because I am 7 months preggo, it is also the only space that my mum can stay in when she comes to help with the new baby. It was either now or never! I did try to clear it up in another month long makeover, the first trimester really did a number on me. So this was like a second chance.~Omaira


Omaira's Room AFTER 2


Omaira's Room AFTER 3


Clean and organized! That vintage kid’s desk is cute, too.


Omaira's Room AFTER 6


What was the biggest “challenge” of this challenge? What stumped you? Also, what was the “easiest” part?

The easiest part of the challenge was the bed. I knew what sheets, pillows, etc I needed so I did that first. The hardest part of the challenge was clearing out the floor and the room, but mostly the floor. I think that took me over two weeks. Just so much stuff we didn’t need or had just dumped in there and closed the door.~Omaira


Her husband wrapped robe around the base. I love the rope!

Omaira's Room AFTER 8

She debated on staining the bottom and top, but decided to leave the top in it’s original condition. Great choice!

Omaira's Room AFTER 13

Do I spot cool chairs, too?? Where did you get those, Omaira?! And how clever to display keys underneath the glass top!

Omaira's Room AFTER 9

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to tackle a room or space?

Have a vision of what you want the end product to look like and only get things that fulfill that vision. Even if you’re extra thrifty, getting unnecessary items will make the space look more cluttered than layered.

Also measure. My curtains that my husband put up ended up being about a foot too short. So I’ll need to fix that at some point.

Finally, enlist in help if you need it.~Omaira

Omaira's Room AFTER 10

I have an obsession about wire baskets. I like her use of wire baskets throughout the room.


Omaira's Room AFTER 11


Omaira's Room AFTER 12

Omaira’s going to be ready when her new baby comes! And the stress of one less room to take care of will be gone! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the August Room Challenge, Omaira!

August Room Challenge!


So what do you think of Omaira’s awesome cable reel desk?! Leave a comment and show her some love!


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  1. What a wonderful room! I love that she can get so many different uses out of one room, and that everything flows naturally together — guest room, home school space, office/desk, etc. The home school area and her teacher desk are a perfect set; yes, the spool desk is sooo cool. Omaira (and her husband) did amazing work!

  2. The room looks so inviting. Filling two uses and being clean and organized must feel wonderful. The desk is over the top brilliant.

  3. Love the spool desk……another great makeover! Im getting so jealous I didnt do the 30 day challenge. But im enjoying everyone elses!

  4. Just love all the rooms. Everyone is so encouraging and it’s showing in the final product. Great job Omaira!

  5. Beautiful! Loving those keys too – my dad collects old locks and some are worth a pretty penny!

    1. Hey, friend!! Fancy seeing you in the comments section! Love that! And yes, there’s something about keys, aren’t there?!

  6. WOW…you did a great job of cleaning out that room Omaira! Your mom will love her little space as she comes to help out with baby. Nothing like a deadline to get us moving. The spool desk is very cleaver and I like it alot!! Great job!

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