Slow Your Roll………

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I have to give thanks for my good buddy, Lamarr. (Shout out!!) Thanks for giving a sound ear and solid advice to this new single-family homeowner when I needed it. His basic message was to slow down and not take on too many projects right away. Right now, we don’t know our house. We’ve barely been in there long enough to know what problems could be lying in wait to be exposed, or what sort of things may crop in the the coming months. If we use all of our cash reserves, we could be setting ourselves up for problems later. Hearing him tell me this made me feel better about taking a step back and re-evaluating what is truly important.

At this point, we need to focus on the things that are 1) damaging (e.g. the basement door leaking), and or a potential health problem (e.g. knowing if and where there is lead paint).

All else can wait.
Yes, my cabinets STINK. But with a lot of soap, scrubbing repeatedly, and who knows what other products, yes, we may be able to make them work for the time being! We shall see…….

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  1. you can hire someone to detect where all the lead paint is I do believe! If there is any!

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