10 Things I’m Thankful For Today

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Happy Thanksgiving Day! Although we shouldn’t just be thankful on this one day of the year, it’s at least good to take a moment to say thanks for the things that bring us joy and happiness.

These are my top 10 things. What are yours?

1. My husband, who is the yin to my yang, for the past 19 years.


2. My 3 sons, who think I’m a rockstar.


3. My health, because each day my body keeps me going.



4. My friends, because they listen when I need advice and a laugh.

My friend Hakimah and I got stuck in traffic on the way back from a Home Show. This is how friends entertain themselves when stuck in traffic. Moments like this are so priceless and full of joy!

5. This blog and you readers, because without you, this blog would be so wack. LOL

FullSizeRender (1)



6. Good food, because it keeps my family healthy.

Even if it costs $9.00 for a bag of organic apples….gulp. 



7. My house, because it keeps us protected and cozy.

This house has been both my lucky gem and my worse nightmare. HA!

Stop Thinking You Have an Ugly House!



8. Our sense of humor, because life is too funny to be serious.

My sons, Kwabena (8), Ohene (4), and Kojo (3).

Photo on 11-27-14 at 2.04 PM


I tried to get them to take a normal pic, but it wasn’t possible. LOL. We’re just too silly!

Photo on 11-27-14 at 2.09 PM #2


 9. My passion for DIY, because I love to get dirty.


10.Nature, because its beauty reminds me that we’re all connected.

This is one of my favorite photography shots from my collection of nature shots.



So what are you most thankful for this year? Leave a comment below and add to the conversation! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Georgetta says:

    Very nice list. Very nice.

  2. Really glad you had a great family day. Your worst hair day you should be sooo thankful for because you have curl and body and it doesn’t lay flat to your head!!! It looks clean. There. I said it!! We all like someone else’s hair type!!! When my hubby had chemo his wavy brownish blonde hair all fell out–eyelashes and brows too– and grew in salt and pepper and is already Snow White but no curls just awesome body to his locks.
    Very hard to remember him no hair. Mental block.
    I’ve got lots to be thankful for today
    1. Peace here on my street and going to my daughters and hubby’s house for a wonderful TDay dinner
    2. My daughter. So loving and so cheerful
    3. All my molding pumpkins and gourds? They threw away for me. Trash day.
    4. Sooo many are helping us through a set up website for us called Helping a Hands. We’ve gotten laundry help and food every other day. It’s been such a BLESSSING as Curt shows decline. And helpers say WE bless them! Amazing Huh.
    5. My other daughter reached out and she’s got a hubby who is sick with heart trouble. Scary stuff. So she’s at 30 dealing with lots. And working hard too as sole supporter.
    6. All my family. Siblings. Nieces. Nephews. Great nieces and nephews and now a few great great nieces and a nephew. Plus lots of cousins that help keep us connected and pray for me and for Curt just when we need it most!!
    Plus they all keep my spirits up with their laughter and fun times
    7. My dear Mom. I enjoy her so much. I miss not having a way to drive up to see her anymore. I’m glad for phones
    8. Close friends that care for me
    9. My gardener. He is so very kind. I’m so thankful he watches out for me.
    10. For the BEST My Savior, King, Messiah, Shepherd, Alpha and Omega, and living inside my heart…JESUS.

    1. Hi Gwen! You have so much to be thankful for! How’s Curt? I pray his health improves! I didn’t realize your daughter lives so close. Could she drive you up to see your mom? Could you do Skype?

  3. Nana Genfi Appiah says:

    Such Great Pictures and Great Family! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Serena! I also think you are a Rock Star! Keep on Rocking Babe! Thanks for sharing

    Uncle Genfi affectionately known as Replacement Husband šŸ™‚

    1. My favorite brother in law!! I miss you and wish you weren’t so far away! You must figure a way to come visit soon. I need my Replacement Husband!

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks for the throwback jams! They brought me right back to “younger” years! Lol! You two were jammin! Got me and my husband over here dancing and singin! Ha ha! TFS!!

    1. Hey Jacqueline! Yes girl, love those throwbacks! My friend would KILL me if she knew I posted that video! HA! But I did list it just here for you guys, so she’ll never know….. šŸ˜‰ Glad I got you singin’ along!

  5. Serena, I am thankful for your fun posts. They cheer me up, every time.

  6. Hi Serena, Happy Thanksgiving for Louisiana!
    just started following you, and have really enjoyed reading your blog.
    I have so much to be thankful for, the
    1st would have to be my 2 year old grandson, the love of my life.
    2nd would have to be my large family 4 brothers and 7 sisters (counting myself), and a 82 year young mother, my hubby and my 2 adult children, and a son in law, and nieces and nephews. LOVE THEM ALL!
    3. Everyone has there health and are very happy and caring people.

    Look forward to your post…

    Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Nancy

    1. Nancy, that is amazing!! I really like big families that are close! Love that your mom is 82 and healthy. I’ve got an almost 80 year old grandmother and she’s not in good health. You are blessed. Thank you so much for reading my blog!

  7. P.S. Happy Thanksgiving from up here in Canada

  8. I knew I started following you for good reason.

    Awesome post. Thank you for sharing

  9. Among so many blessings that I am so thankful, are my sweet blogging buddies like you who share so much with us, giving us great ideas & hours of entertainment. Thank you Serena & Happy Thanksgiving to you & your beautiful family & friends.

    1. Awww….Belinda, thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Have you started eating? We are making food now. Um, I mean, HUBBY is making food. He’s the cook here….I can’t even boil water. HA! šŸ™‚

      Thanks for commenting! šŸ™‚

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