Get Organized: Make Your Own DIY Drawer Organizer!

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I’m always trying to focus on “SIMPLICITY”: making things all-around easier, automated, and organized.

So I’m super excited to show you this cute, easy project that will help anyone be a little more organized! It’s super easy, fun, and anyone can do it!


Turn Scrapbook Paper into a Drawer Organizer_PicMonkey


Watch How I Make These DIY Drawer Organizers!



So remember those gift boxes I made from scrapbook paper recently? I decided that the tops of the gift boxes would make awesome DIY drawer organizers when glued together!

I’m terrible with keeping drawers clean and tidy. I wanted a cheap, easy way to get organized without spending a lot of money.

Yes! A solution!


DIY Drawer Organizer18



You can use this DIY drawer organizer for jewelry…..

DIY Drawer Organizer9


And this!


DIY Organizer99


DIY Organizer From Scrapbook Paper2


….It’s awesome for socks and undies


DIY Drawer Organizer17


…or even to organize the many knobs that we DIY’ers like to hoard (come on…I know you’re hoarding some, too! LOL)


DIY Drawer Organizer2

Here’s what you’ll need:

*Instructions on how to make a gift box top (you can watch the video HERE)

*scrapbook paper or cardstock


*Tape runner

*Mod Podge (I prefer Matte finish, but will use Glossy if it’s all I have)

*Ruler (I prefer the longer grid quilting ruler).

*Glue gun

*Lace trim  or ribbon

*Binder clips (or clothes pins)


TIME: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

DIFFICULTY: Very easy!

DIY Drawer Organizer3


STEP 1: Whip Out Some Pretty Scrapbook Paper

If you buy individual sheets, they’re usually anywhere from $0.59 – $1.00. Buy them on sale and you can get them cheaper than that. Even better, buy a thick pack of scrapbook paper for about $10 – $15. Super cheap! This is my first time using cardstock, and although I love its thickness, I’m not sure I like the white pilling you get when you bend the paper. But the colors are pretty and crisp, though!


DIY Drawer Organizer18

STEP 2: Read My Gift Box Instructions

I won’t go through the whole tutorial in this post, but read my previous instructions on how to make a gift box from scrapbook paper. Then, only make the top of the box with your 12″ x 12″ paper.  Depending on how big you want your modular DIY drawer organizer to be, make as many tops that you’ll need, depending on the size of your drawer.


DIY Drawer Organizer


For this black & white box, I made only 4.


DIY Drawer Organizer4

For the colorful one, I made 9.


DIY Drawer Organizer8

STEP 3: Slather On the Mod Podge

First, I arranged my boxes how I wanted to Mod Podge (a.k.a. “glue”) them, making sure they fit well together (they don’t have to fit perfectly). I also made sure I planned which colors I wanted next to each other, depending on what complimented each other. Then, I slathered on a healthy amount of Mod Podge, making sure it didn’t drip or seep through the seams. Next, I bounded the sides together with binder clips (you can also use clothes pins) while the Mod Podge dried (it dries quickly). (NOTE: I  love Matte instead of Glossy Mod Podge because Matte is less noticeable if you happen to smear it some place by accident. But this is all I had on hand).

Use Mod Podge and Scrapbook paper to make a DIY drawer organizer

DIY Drawer Organizer12

DIY Drawer Organizer11

I did the same process for the black and white DIY drawer organizer.

DIY Drawer Organizer5

STEP 4: Trim It, Baby!

I love this part! I happened to have this old ribbon and lacy trim lying around from a long time ago that I never used. It came in handy for this little project! The trim helps to hide the side seams, and takes it from “this-is-just-paper-glued-together” to a more “wow-this-is-a-decorative-drawer-organizer!” I used the glue gun to apply it.


DIY Drawer Organizer1

DIY Drawer Organizer14

STEP 5: Fill It Up!

You can use this DIY drawer organizer in your desk with office supplies, in your crafting room with crafting supplies, in your underwear drawer for socks and undies, and even for your jewelry! The possibilities are truly endless. I am thinking of making more for my garage workshop (if I ever get it done <<<insert groan here>>>) for my nails, screws, etc.


DIY Drawer Organizer10

DIY Drawer Organizer6

These are really so pretty that you could leave them out on your dresser or desk, too.

DIY Drawer Organizer7



How to Get Organized by Making a DIY Drawer Organizer Out of Scrapbook Paper!

So where in your household are you dying to get more organized, and with what would you fill this DIY drawer organizer?



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  1. I haven’t done any scrapbooking in years but have a ton of supplies, including paper and cardstock, just sitting around. Now I know what I can do with it. Thanks so much for sharing this. #HomeMattersParty

  2. Great, easy to follow tutorial. These look gorgeous, yet cost nearly nothing! Thanks for this. I know some drawers in my house that could use one of these.

  3. What a great idea! I really like the black and white one.

  4. I am so glad I ran across this! Not only do I have a ton of scrapbook paper that needs a project to go with it, I also am in serious need of some affordable organization for smaller items. I am going to get to work on making a few of these right away!

    1. Hi Genevieve (LOVE that name!),
      So glad you found my site and tutorial! These will definitely help! And you can make them as big and wide as you want :). Thank you for stopping through!

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