What’s Old is New: Retro Kitchens With Big Chill

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Red retro Big Chill gas stove


It’s funny how things are cyclical: hairstyles… clothing… and most definitely home furnishings!

Right now, 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s home decor is hot, and with good reason: it was a time when things were well-made, right?? There was a certain charm that I think is lacking now with contemporary decor.

Back then, furniture was made of the heaviest, sturdiest wood you could imagine. Probably hand-constructed.

Kitchen appliances were built to last 30+ years.

Heck–even cars were made of heavy steel back in the day!

It’s no wonder that those good times have come rollin’ back again.

It’s easy to refinish many of these vintage items, like furniture and other home decor items, but it may not be the best idea to take Grandma’s hand-me-down vintage refrigerator from 1950. The EPA may hunt you down for sucking up all that energy and destroying the ozone along the way. 😉


Going Retro With Big Chill

Thankfully, companies such as Big Chill are recognizing that people are nostalgic for retro kitchens but that can offer modern functionality (and many of the appliances are energy star rated to keep utility bills down!)

Like this kitchen here. Isn’t it so cute?? Even though this kitchen is retro with its Big Chill dishwasher and chrome-edged counter tops, it still looks fresh and current, not dated. It’s gorgeous!

I could feel very homey here. Even with a red brick building next door and peepers peeking in my windows. 😉

Big Chill Retro Dishwasher

Remember having to defrost your freezer? I remember my mom opening the freezer and after a couple hours or so, we’d be left with a sloshy mess.

Those days are long gone!

It’s about classic but with modern functionality!

Retro Big Chill fridge in Orange

Big Chill also makes microwaves, stoves, hoods, and wall ovens to match your refrigerator and dishwasher, too, with a steel body and chrome trim.

Super sleek!


What Color Would You Choose??

Umm….all of them? 🙂

Okay, well, if the Decorating Fairy Godmother paid me a visit, and if I had to pick just one, I would snag me a Beach Blue!

I mean….if Big Chill ever wanted me to be a real-life blogger-tester (ahem….hint hint….), I would be more than willing to take one of these babies off their hands! 🙂

Beach Blue Big Chill Retro Refrigerator

There are over 200 custom colors to choose from, too. That’s pretty impressive, considering I always thought that appliances came in just white, cream, black, and stainless steel :).


Colorful retro Big Chill retro appliances

Creating a Retro Kitchen

Big Chill may be out of your price range. But then again, when have you ever known kitchen appliances to be cheap?? 🙂

Here at Thrift Diving you know we’re all penny pinchers. But I’m not opposed to dropping a little cash for things we really want and then skimping on the other stuff.



For example, I found these retro chairs from the thrift store for just $20 each!

Call it luck.

I’m not sure what brand they are (they weren’t marked with a brand), but I’ve seen them range from $90 – $130 each, so that’s a steal!


But they’re fabulous. I’ve been wanting to find a retro table to go along with it.

Here’s a great clock I picked up for $5.00, too! I’m talking made-front-metal vintage! They don’t make clocks like that anymore.

Anyhow, by hitting up thrift stores, and maybe eBay, you can find deal son the other stuff, and save up your cash for the big-ticket items like Big Chill!

When You Have No Energy For DIY: 10 Steps To Finishing a Project

Balancing its cost with the other more affordable furnishings might just work.

And you can also mix the retro look with a more traditional look like this:



So what do you think? Do you love retro kitchens, too? What color Big Chill appliance would you pick? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!




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  1. Denise Pouchet says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article! Just adore the retro look with all the modern conveniences & upgrades.

    They are all beautiful but I think I’d chose the cheerful blue. It would be like a beach cottage vacation every time I walked into the kitchen.

    1. I have NEVER seen anything like that, Sharon! How cool! I would have been as dumb as that babysitter. LOL. How did she not know? Was it just such a unique and exclusive thing that most people didn’t have them? She probably went back to her friends and was like, “You know, there’s this weird family I babysit for….they don’t have a FRIDGE!!” HAHAHA

  2. I love the red. But, then again, I love the minty green. Hmmmmm….I can’t decide.

  3. Love them. I have been drooling over these for several years. Boring I know but I would probably go for white, or maybe black depending on the kitchen. If I had a fantasy just for me second house I would totally go with pink or mint green. Love the orange too, heck I just need to be a billionaire.

    1. Not boring at all. I think going with a neutral color like white or black would allow you to change up your kitchen color without being tied into a particular color scheme if you went with a color that may limit you. But yeah, I love these, too!

  4. Love the cherry red! I decorated my kitchen in a retro inspired style, because 50’s and 60’s interior home design is my favorite! Colorful, playful, and a touch of whim an whimsy. These appliances are just perfect and would look fab in my red, aqua, and sunflower yellow retro-loving kitchen!!! ps I have the same red metal cosco step stool chair in the last pic, and I would totally have snapped up those yellow chairs, they are a thrift shopper dream come true.

    1. Thanks Beth! Sorry your comment had gotten deleted! Sometimes blogs act up. LOL. Yes, playful is the perfect word! That step stool chair is so cool!

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