Selling My Clutter on VarageSale

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I remember when it used to be that there was only one place to sell things online and that was Craigslist (and eBay!). There has been an explosion of apps to sell your discarded things online, including VarageSale, Facebook Marketplace, DeCluttr, YardSalr–you name it.

I haven’t used nearly all of them, so this VarageSale review will only focus on my experience at using the VarageSale app to sell some things lying around my garage.

My garage has been a junk collection over the years of all the amazing stuff I have found at the thrift store.


Letting Go

I’ve decided that over the next few weeks I’m going to be categorizing everything into one of three piles:  keep, donate, and sell.

But it’s soooo hard to let go of things!

My creative mind can’t help but think that one day I’ll get to it, use it, make it over, upcycle it, improve it–you get the idea!

But big decisions needed to happen because the artist and woodworker in me are screaming for a pretty garage workshop! I want to spread out my tools and be able to move around without having to suck in my belly or straddle furniture just to reach places. HAHA

The stuff is going bye-bye!


Will It Sell on VarageSale?

Aside from unsuccessfully listing a few pieces of furniture on Craigslist, I generally haven’t tried to sell things online.

But I was really curious about whether I’d stand a better chance of listing things on VarageSale (“Varage” stands for “virtual garage sale”).

The idea is that instead of just inconveniently buying and selling things with random strangers from all over your state or nearby states, you can target specific communities with people that live close to you.

And not only are people within miles of you, but it also fosters a more trusting environment because these people are essentially your neighbors, and their accounts link to their Facebook profiles so that you can actually see who you’re wheelin’ and dealin’ with.

VarageSale Review - Thrift Diving


VarageSale Review - joining communities - Thrift Diving


When you think of selling used furniture and other items from your garage, though, the first that comes to find is Craigslist, right?

But I’ve never had much success on that platform. It’s so saturated, and I hate getting random replies from spammers with shady email addresses.

So I am excited to get started with VarageSale to see how it compares!

See The Garage Clean-Out in Action!

Aside from moving a table with my head….I think everything went well. LOL. There are so many more things to go through and list for sale! But this first hour was a start. See for yourself here!



What I’m Getting Rid Of

I really loved these mid-century modern stools that I had found at the thrift store! But they’ve sat in my garage for ages now. I just don’t have a place for them.

And while they’re not matching, they look pretty good together, don’t you think?

I probably should have cleaned them up a bit…. But we’ll see how it goes. If I need to edit the listing, I will.


VarageSale Mid Century Modern Stools for sale - Thrift Diving



I also wanted to get rid of these chairs because while I like these reproductions, they match nothing in my house. I guess I could find a place for them in the kitchen if I needed to. But let’s see if they sell first.


Varage Sale Retro Chairs for sale - Thrift Diving


I’ve got a bunch of stuff that I found in my garage that I’m planning to list, but it will take time to get everything up. The garage is overwhelming!

I did find some great shoes that I had bought from the thrift store and had planned to sell on eBay at one point, but I’ve started listing them on VarageSale instead.


VarageSale Review - Shoes for sale - Thrift Diving


VarageSale Review - Cole Haan shoes for sale - Thrift Diving


They’re all in great condition!

These are size 8 Nine West shoes that I’m listing for $15. I wish I could fit them!


VarageSale Review - Ninewest shoes for sale - Thrift Diving


What was really cool is while I was pulling things out of the garage, I was able to post some of them immediately to VarageSale since the app is easy to use. All I did was snap pictures of the stuff and started listing it.

I filmed my little garage adventure today, too! I admit it was overwhelming. Much of the time I didn’t even know where to start. Let’s start small with shoes and stools, shall we?

I’ve had a few days to play around with VarageSale and was able to join about 5 communities now, all within a few miles from me. There are some things I really like, and some things that I’d probably change.


What I Like About VarageSale:

  • The app is easy to use. It really takes the pain out of posting stuff because it can be done quickly.
  • I like that there are more categories and I can search for specific stuff.
  • If I like something, I can “watch” it.
  • It’s available for Apple and Android.
  • I can post something once and it automatically posts in all my communities.
  • I can bump my listings to the top of the pile of listings with a simple touch of a button. The app allows for four bumps per hour.
  • The app will ping you if you have any messages or activity on your listing so you never miss an interested buyer.



  • You can’t post multiple pictures of things. You have to add additional pictures in the Comments section. Would be nice if you could just swipe through several pictures of different angles of the item.
  • Would be great to have a star rating for buyers and sellers so you know who’s reliable.
  • There’s no way to see how much interest or activity your post is getting. It would be nice to see how many people actually see each post. If a lot of people are seeing it, but aren’t interested, then maybe I need to make some changes.

VarageSale Review - Red desk - Thrift Diving


I’ve had a few things listed for a few days now and I’m not seeing any action yet on those items. Crossing my fingers that people want to buy my clutter! 🙂

Over the next weeks, I’m going to be chipping away at the clutter in the garage and listing as much as possible on VarageSale. I’ll keep you guys posted on exactly how much I earn!

Have you guys ever used VarageSale? What have your experiences been like?



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