When A Blogger Loses Her “Day Job”

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firedAfter losing my job last week, I went through so many emotions:

I went from glee (Yes! Maybe I can be a full-time blogger now! They did me a favor!)…

…to scared (How the heck can we afford to pay our bills now?!)…

…to pathetic (I failed my family!)…

…to resolve (Well, I guess that’s life! Carry on!)…

Now as I write this, my next emotion is determination (This change was meant to be and I’m not going to waste the opportunity!).

I debated on even writing about being let go because I didn’t want to harp on it, or make you feel sorry for me. But you’ve been on this “day job” journey with me for awhile. It was only fair to let you know the game has changed significantly for 2015!

My Future in a Horoscope

The day before I was let go, the stress was mounting. I went to the deli for lunch, hands jammed in my pocket, and looked off into the distance while waiting on my order, and thought to myself, “Something’s gotta give.”

Right then I grabbed a nearby discarded newspaper and my gaze fell upon the horoscopes, a section I never ever read. Like never. But I read it that day; this is what I saw:


I’m not one that believes in the false prophets of horoscopes written by starving freelancers, but this message was for me. The Universe forewarned me I was going to be taken for a ride; forced out into a world in which I would doubt I could make it “on my own” and question from where next month’s mortgage was coming.  It urged me to break past mental barriers of self-doubt that creep into my mind at 3AM and my mind searching, (“Can we really make it on a reduced income??”).

I’ve Got to Thank My Employer

I have to thank my employer. THANK YOU!  They did for me that which I didn’t have the guts to do myself: to leave. I would like to be a full-time blogger. To leave a secure job with amazing benefits–um, yeah…. totally not easy to do! But being let go forces me to come up with solutions to that which felt so unattainable.

I still don’t feel 100% confident in my ability to blog full time. However, I know without a doubt that social media is something I love. Writing and working with clients–amazing. And while I collect unemployment, I must job hunt, and will look for positions that will help me to further develop my social media and blogging goals, while pursuing my blog full-time.

My “In-Between Phase”

Two months ago God literally gave me a sign in the parking lot of Costco:

sign from God

I stopped in my tracks, put my van in reverse, and snapped away. God and the Universe were conspires to nudge me in the right direction.

God was telling me that the “in-between” phase (this phase) is going to be ugly, dusty, and uncomfortable.  But improvements are in progress. Something better that will come as a result.

So please pardon my dust right now, my friends. Improvements are in progress!


sign from God2


What’s Next For Me?

Losing my job forced me to see that I’m so wasteful. As thrifty as I am about decorating, I’m wasteful when it comes to food, crafting supplies (umm…and that hoard-of-a-pile in my garage! LOL). For example, I bought two new gallons of paint for my basement makeover in my 30-Day Junk Free January Room Challenge. TWO! It cost me $76.

I bought it last week when I had a job and the assurance of another paycheck coming in 2 weeks.

But last night, while working on the basement, I scanned my gallons of paint and realized I already had two old cans of paint very similar colors (!!!).

At that moment, it hit me: We have fat to trim! We can get rid of the waste.

And maybe…..just maybe……with a renewed sense of thriftiness, we might just come out ahead.

UPDATE: Click here to find out what being a full-time blogger was like 10 months after losing my day-job!

So have any of you experienced losing a job? How did it impact your life for the better? Leave a comment and add to the conversation!


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  1. I could go on and on about my job loss experience and what became of it. I was at my main job for almost 30 years and grew desperate to get out. I finally left and it took me on quite a ride that has ended with being at home. It’s been an adjustment as I’ve worked hard since I was a teen and feel I need to contribute to our finances. I’m very lucky to have a supportive husband who thinks I’m creative and should craft. I know that I should be in Pinterest jail for all the stealing I’ve done! A point hit to make gobs of everything to get ready to bring to a store that’s always looking for vendors. Up till 1am for many days, I created all kinds of things just before a big Christmas sale just to be told they can’t take any more. I was crushed and tried to sell on line which I knew nothing about so I didn’t do well at all. I refocused on getting home projects done as we hope to move in a couple years and the weather is too cold here to do the projects I want to. I’m looking at this winter as the “Get the home stuff done and learn” time. I love the blogs and videos like Serena’s to help teach me and give me courage to try new things and to remind myself that things aren’t always going to go the way I want. I’m helping to clean out my parent’s house too which is full of antiques that I want to give new life. Step by step, I’ll get there. 🙂

    1. Awww, sorry to hear you lost your job, Jenny! It’s never easy to lose employment. I remember that first day of unemployment and feeling unsettled about the changes that were going to happen. I think you’re doing the right thing and using the time to learn. Don’t forget to use this time to learn some transferable skills, too, not just your crafting skills. There is a site I love called LinkedInLearning.com that has been amazing for teaching me how to do some skills like using computer programs and more. Use some of this time to beef up your resume and learn new skills that you can put there. Good luck and keep crafting and learning!!!

    2. Thanks for sharing. I am in that loss of a job period and it is not easy for sure. I keep telling myself the job didn’t define me I defined the job!! I love to craft but my biggest challenge is trying to decide what to get involved in. I stumbled on this blog and hope to get some good pointers. Thank

      1. Awww, sorry to hear that, Kris! It’s stressful to be without a job, but it can open up a lot of possibilities for you! I’m so glad you found me!

  2. I just watched my first tutorial on your French Provincial vanity. You spoke to my passion right away. There are so many things I want to do, but just don’t have the skills. Your way of teaching is my way of learning. You are my DIY goddess! Let’s redo some stuff!

  3. I just stumbled across your site when I googled how to make a picture frame without tools. I didn´t lose my job but I quit. I was so sick of it and we just moved and my husband got a promotion and said ´go for it´. I regretted quitting and asked for my job back but was told ´no´. So, I have always wanted to blog and I just started. It is a lot of fun, frustration, confusion, and difficult but I am learning along the way. I am hoping that at some point it will be profitable because I really do not want to do what I was doing. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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