Teri's Garage BEFORE 1


Teri's Garage BEFORE 2


Teri's Garage BEFORE 3


Teri's Garage BEFORE 4


Teri's Garage BEFORE 5


Teri's Garage BEFORE 6




Teri's Garage AFTER 1


From Teri’s own mouth:

“The garage was a classic example of how it is so much easier to maintain than to clean up.  We have been super busy for about 4 months and just did not take the time to ‘put it where it belongs’.  Pretty soon we COULDN’T put it away.

To get it done, we took one area at a time starting with the center.  From there we did a half a wall a day until we were done.  Being a garage, I have no compulsion to pretty it up.  Being able to find what I need… or not tripping over junk, is pretty enough!”~Teri

Teri's Garage AFTER 2


Teri's Garage AFTER 3


Teri's Garage AFTER 4


Teri's Garage AFTER 5


Teri's Garage AFTER 6

I wish my garage were so organized! Now I’m feeling inspired to tackle it next :). Well done, Teri!

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