Here’s what Patty had to say about her kitchen before the challenge:

My kitchen has been an on-going work in progress. We have tiled the backsplash and it looks okay. What it really needs is organization and the floor leaves me speechless and not in a good way speechless…I also am on a very tight budget so this should be an exciting challenge.


Patty's Kitchen


Patty's Kitchen


Patty's Kitchen


Patty's Kitchen

Patty's Kitchen


Patty's Kitchen


Patty's Kitchen AFTER 3
Patty says:

Woo Hoo! Here is my kitchen after the challenge.

It went from dark and cluttered to bright, clean and organized. I painted 2 walls in a light turquoise and the floor in a sand color, after repairing the floor. I removed doors from a cabinet and painted the inside a bright and bold turquoise, as well as the inside of the coffee bar I created in what “was” the clutter corner.

I decluttered and simplified, then I assembled stainless steal shelves. I used wicker baskets to organize an open pantry. I also labeled items using black poster board, twine, and liquid chalk. Created signs for the coffee bar using a frame, black paper and liquid chalk. I learned how to change light fixtures. Changed out a ceiling fan for a light fixture and changed an old fluorescent fixture. I did not like the plain track lighting I used so I added a wooden frame.

I thrift shopped for many supplies and lots of time and love went into this. Considering the budget for this project, I could not be happier. I would have never accomplished this in this time frame or budget without this challenge. Thank you all for your advise, support, advise, and encouragement 🙂

Patty's Kitchen AFTER 5
My cost:
Paint; blue $8.00 on sale, dark turquoise $2.50, floor paint $23.00
Shelf $54.00
Baskets (all of them) goodwill $8.00 labels (poster board) .97
Light fixture $34.00
Other supplies $10.00
Total. $ 140.47
Loved it!



Patty's Kitchen AFTER 2


Patty's Kitchen AFTER 4


I love that turquoise!! What a great makeover! Well done, my friend!

If you’ve got a room that needs a makeover, join us for the next challenge by signing up HERE.



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