Here’s what Marjorie had to say about her guest bedroom before starting:

“This is one of the downstairs bedrooms in my home and it is supposed to be a guest room but it is NOT ready for a guest! This is the room I “throw stuff in” and close the door when someone comes over but I will quickly say “open that door or it’s you and me in the streets.” There is furniture in there that does not need to be in there. There is no warmth or character in that room. It does not need to be painted, it needs to be finished . . .”~Marjorie


Marjorie's Room


Marjorie's Room


Marjorie's Room


Marjorie's Room

Marjorie's Room

Marjorie's Room


These are mirrors I had from my apartment.  The back one I had in this room before I started the make over and I wanted to keep it in this room.

Marjorie's After 1

This is a Lane cedar chest I found at an estate store for $20 back in September/October.  I found out a few days ago there was a recall on these chests a few years ago because of the lock (kids were getting locked in them).  The lock was already removed when I purchased it.  They are sending me a replacement lock, for free.  This is a painting I purchased when I was selling artwork.  It was in my bedroom in my apartment.  I did not know where to put it when I moved into my house but I decided to put it in this room.

Marjorie's After 2

I purchased the picture in October to put over my fireplace but I don’t have a headboard for this bed so I moved the picture to the bedroom.  It was in my before pictures because I had not yet taken down my Christmas decorations in the living room.   I moved the picture from the living room because it did not go with my Christmas decorations (don’t judge me ~ LOL).  The picture goes very well with the paint on the walls.  My mother was here to see what I had done to the room and she tried to take my picture saying that it did not go with my black and white room.  Whatever Mama ~ LOL!

Marjorie's After 3


The nightstands I purchased for $19/each at a hotel liquidator here in Cleveland.  The gold blinds were in this room in my house when I moved in, so I decided to keep them in this room.  I purchased the paint for this room to match the bed set.  So the room is really not black and white.  My mother purchased the set for me over a year ago.  I told her I wanted black and white accessories for this room.  She purchased 2 sets and I LOVED this set so much better that the other set.  The quilt is the first quilt my mother made.  She gave it to me as a condition for me giving her a quilt I thought she wanted (long story) but I decided to use it in this room.

Marjorie's After 4


Marjorie's After 5


Marjorie's After 6

Full room from the door.

Total costs: $50 for paint and supplies (brushes, edger, and plastic drop cloths under the paper on the floor. I already had the paper and tape) and $38 for the 2 nightstands.

Marjorie's After 7

Way to go, Marjorie!! It looks clean, organized, and ready for guest now!


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