Maria had to say this about her craft room before she started:

“I’ll be working on my craft room/cat playroom. This room needs a lot of help. Since I share it with my cats, they tend to make a mess (so do I). So, I need to build them some sort of a cat tree or mount shelves on the wall so they leave my storage shelves alone. The walls also need to be painted, and it’s in need of new curtains.

Also, I might do a carpet makeover since I hate the carpet that’s in there now, but if the budget allows it, I might install flooring. I also need to rearrange my storage cabinets so I can actually start using them — I just pile everything on top. I’m a very disorganized person so this is going to be a major challenge for me. :)”

Maria's Room


Maria's Room


Maria's Room


Maria's Room


Maria's Room


Maria's Room




Maria's Craft Room AFTER 2


Maria's Craft Room AFTER 1


Maria's Craft Room AFTER 3

What Maria had to say after:

The idea was to make this into a craft room/cat playroom, but to be honest, the cats (5 of them) have way too many items and I just couldn’t fit everything into this tiny room. Eventually I AM going to add walkways and perches (which I already have) to the wall/window so they can climb, but for now I’m not going to worry about it. I don’t want my “pretty” craft room to get destroyed.

Maria's Craft Room AFTER 4


  • For this challenge, everything I used I already had, except for the pegboard, the wood crate, and the wall paint. For the crafting desk, I used a table top that I had in my spare bedroom, hidden, under the bed. It was painted white so I had to strip it. I have not sanded it yet, it’s in my to-do list.
  • The shelves are the same shelves I had, I just stacked them and changed the pulls, which I already had.
  • The storage boxes are just shoe boxes that I painted and added label holders. (Serena says: Great idea, Maria! They look great!!!!!)
  • I bought the pegboard with a $20 coupon I had (pegboards are expensive). My husband helped me hang it up. For the pinboard, I used the box the pegboard came in, wrapped it in fabric and added nailhead trim I bought years ago and never used. My little pink tools were a Christmas present from my husband. He was tired of me borrowing his tools and not putting them away, LOL. Everything else on the pegboard I already had, or made. For my crocheting area, I used a chair I had in the garage. It was an ugly yellow, so I painted it gray. I also made the pillow cover. I saw it on Overstock, but it was $25 so I just recreated it using acrylic paint. It saved me $25! And, I bought the wooden crate at Michaels with a 50% coupon!
I am pretty happy of how my craft room turned out. The only thing that does not make me too happy is the wall paint. It is too dark for my liking. I’ll probably repaint it… someday. It was stupid of me to buy it without testing it first, but lesson learned. Other than that, I am happy. I am now able to utilize both sides of the crafting table, where before I had two tables/desks against the wall and it felt too crowded. Now that everything is organized, I feel like I have too much storage space and not enough crafting supplies, LOL.
The total cost for this project was $61!
I only bought the pegboard, wood crate and wall paint. I only ended up using half a gallon, so I am probably going to add white paint to it to make it lighter and repaint the room, at some point. 🙂

Maria's Craft Room AFTER 6


Maria's Craft Room AFTER 5


This room looks amazing!!! And that stool–LOVE IT!

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