Here’s what Leilani had to say about her laundry room from hell before she started:

“Our laundry room is bad bad Leroy Brown. It smells like mouse urine, is not well sealed, I spotted a possum in the ceiling last fall and it is where all the junk in the house gets tossed. The room is in need of a recon so this is yet another pricey (but necessary) challenge.”


Leilani's Laundry - dark-cellar-stairs


Leilani's Laundry - the-door-in-the-floor


Leilani's Laundry - Laundry-room-closet


Leilani's Laundry - The-hole-in-the-ceiling


Leilani's Laundry - The-hole-behind-the-washing-machine


Leilani's Laundry - laundry-room-before

AFTER (Well….in progress!)

Leilani's Laundry Room AFTER 1

Since I was on my handyman’s schedule, my after pics are more like “Week 1” pics.  🙂
The first installment of the reno included:
-replacement of nasty insulation in ceiling
-rerouting of electrical wires to create one lighting unit
-cabinet removal
-a bunch of other little tasks involving electrical and plumbing work

Leilani's Laundry Room AFTER 2


Leilani's Laundry Room AFTER 3

See that pile of rodent droppings?  That was just half of what fell out of the exposed insulation. (Serena says: YIKES!!! This scares me! LOL)

Leilani's Laundry Room AFTER 4

“Repairs to get my laundry room to normal was $3023.  This will not include paint or shelving and whatever else I choose to decorate the room with but I plan to shop from within my own stuff and I still have christmas gift cards!”
Well, I can’t wait to see what Leilani’s laundry room looks like when she’s done! You can keep up with her over on her awesome blog!
Think you want to join the next room challenge? Join the others by signing up HERE.



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