Here’s what Gina had to say before she started:

We recently swapped our daughter’s room and our office/gym room… she begged us for the bigger room & we gave in. Now we are challenged with fitting a lot of stuff in about half the space we had before, for our home office & workout area. I condensed a lot & got rid of a lot (not enough!) and now really need to get it done- we haven’t actually been able to use the Bowflex in there due to the transition & mess.


Gina's Home Office Gym 4


Gina's Home Office Gym 3


Gina's Home Office Gym 2


Gina's Home Office Gym 1



Gina's Home Office Gym AFTER 3


Gina's Home Office Gym AFTER 1
Gina says:

“Woo Hoo!!  Not only can we now use the Bowflex, we can move around the room easily, without tripping over anything!! The clutter is completely gone. I showed no mercy and purged, relocated and reorganized. I spent $0!! I really concentrated on removing and added nothing new. I re-purposed storage containers from all over my house.

Thank you for the support, motivation & inspiration!”

Gina's Home Office Gym AFTER 2

Nice job! Nothing like paying $0.00 for a room makeover!!! 🙂

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