What Vicki had to say about her room before:

I’ve been needing/wanting to make over my “craft room” for the last two years and it is a disaster! It holds my sewing machine, sewing and crafting supplies (of every kind), a desk, spare clothes, books, pictures, memorabilia in various stages of disarray, etc! This room needs help and I hope this challenge is the “extra push” I need to finally clean this mess up and make it a functional/usable beautiful room!















Victoria's Craft Room AFTER 3


Victoria's Craft Room AFTER 1


Victoria's Craft Room AFTER 2


Here’s what Vicki had to say afterwards:

I didn’t spend any money on this redo – I just organized, sorted and labeled all my piles of craft supplies and tried to pretty-up the space a bit!  There pictures make it still appear messy, but now I know where everything is and can function in the room ~ and hopefully, get to work on my “Finish It Up February” list)!!
Thanks for inspiring me to finally get this done!!


Victoria's Craft Room AFTER 4


Victoria's Craft Room AFTER 5


Great job, Vicki! And another makeover that cost no money! WOO HOO!

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