When Tammy joined the 30-Day June Room Challenge and said she wants to build a pump house, I was left scratching my head. I wasn’t sure what a pump house was (I had to email her to ask!), but I was pretty impressed with her level of commitment at getting it done!

Over in our Room Challenge Facebook Group, we all couldn’t believe the amount of work she was doing to build her pump house!

Here’s where she was starting on Day 1!



Tammy's Pump House Before



The flooring and south wall have been completed! That looks like a LOT of work!

Tammy's Pump House

The wall is complete!

Tammy's Pump House2




Tammy's Pump House


She will add a couple of changing rooms.


Tammy will build a room around her pump room.

Because of hot weather, Tammy wasn’t able to get much more done than that, but she’s got the area prepped for work she’s completing this month! Way to go, Tammy!


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