What Sheri had to say before the challenge started:

I have a craft closet that is so full of stuff I can barely close the door. My 10 year old daughter loves to paint, sew, and do crafts but because I have so much piled on top of her supplies, the only time she gets to do a new project us when she brings something home from school or someone buys her new stuff. The closet is deep with shelves and begging to be organized, yet I have only used it to hide stuff from company. Enough is enough! 😉


Sheri's Craft Closet


Sheri's Craft Closet


Sheri's Craft Closet


Sheri's Craft Closet



Sheri's Craft Closet AFTER 2


Sheri's Craft Closet AFTER 1


What Sherri said afterwards:

I completely emptied the closet; stuffed full of sewing, scrap booking, paint, crayons, dolls, books, old papers…you name it.  Once emptied, I threw away a ton.  Then, I sorted each craft category and grouped like items.  We purchased about $5 worth of containers from Dollar Tree.  The rest were repurposed.  The best part of this challenge was doing a little each day with a finish date in mind.   I really enjoyed seeing different spaces at various stages of progress.  I hope to tackle more spaces in the future and look forward to the five tasks I have chosen to finish in February.  Cheers to new spaces.

Sheri's Craft Closet AFTER 3


Sheri's Craft Closet AFTER 4

Way to go, Sheri!


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