Nadine joined the 30-Day June Room Challenge because she wanted organization in her work space. She also wanted to make room to walk to the washer and dryer (not that she wanted to do laundry!) 🙂


Nadine wants organization.



Nadine literally had just 2 days to do this challenge because she met up with her hubby for R&R (he’s working in Afghanistan). Then she had family vacation. Sounds like a busy month!

There was a lot of emptying out, organizing, and moving furniture to her storage unit and tossing junk.

She took all of her household waste to our local Hazardous Waste dump.

She looked for a shelving unit at Restore with no luck. After a stop at Home Depot she spent $35.00. Now she can see all of her painting supplies.
She repurposed a book shelf that her husband made 20 yrs. ago. It now holds all of her stains and supplies.

1-nadine new shelving

Lots of new shelving and organization!


Nadine works from home in this space


(NOTE: I’m jealous of her amount of stains and supplies!)

1-nadine new shelving2



Organized Work space! YAY!








Congrats, Nadine, or a more organized work space!! 🙂

Join other’s for the 30-Day August Upgrade Room Challenge!

August Room Challenge!




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