Michelle, from Home For Now, must really love triangular shapes :). She joined my 30-Day June Room Challenge, wanting to makeover her girls’ room. I just noticed some triangular banners hanging in this before shot:


Michelle wants to paint her daughters' beds.


How cute that she incorporated triangles in the “AFTER” on the girls’ accent wall! Would you believe she cut these from contact paper?!? How creative! Read what Michelle had to say about this wall down below!

Michelle's girls room AFTER


Why did you choose the room/space that you chose? 

“My girls bedroom was the most neglected room. I wanted them also to have a room that they took pride in keeping clean.”~Michelle


There’s something so fun about the wall decorations that Michelle gave her girls’ room for the 30-Day June Room Challenge!

Michelle's girls room AFTER


What was the biggest “challenge” of this challenge? What stumped you? Also, what was the “easiest” part?

“The biggest challenge was time. I have 3 girls and with all of them home for the summer, it took more time for me to tackle the individual projects I had in mind. I tried to DIY everything in the space and there were a few crucial projects I didn’t get to by this deadline.

What initially stumped me was what to do with the large blank wall behind their beds. Their room is so tiny, I knew I needed a focal wall to add interest to the small space. I used contact paper cut into triangles to add some whimsy to the space.

The easiest part for me was the colors of the room since the bedding was the jumping off point.”~Michelle



She wants new lighting and DIY wall flowers.


Michelle's girls room AFTER

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to tackle a room or space?

“Start with one thing. I started with color as my inspiration and went from there. It’s easy for me to get overwhelmed with a room when I’m looking at it in its entirety. Breaking it down to that one jumping off piece makes it doable.”~Michelle


Michelle's girls room AFTER

Has this Room Challenge impacted your life for the better? How so?

“I used to cringe whenever I would go into my daughters room. It was messy and an eyesore. I tried to include some things that would help it function better and plan to add some more storage so that the messiness is not a factor.”~Michelle


Michelle's girls room AFTER


It looks like such a pretty room for little girls now! And I’m still loving that contact paper on the wall…..!

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