I’m not a novice furniture painter. I’ve been doing it seriously for about two years, and even have ruined painted some furniture pieces years ago with spray paint. (Shhhh….don’t tell anymore). LOL

Times have changed, though. Now, we have such better tools to pull off a great looking piece of furniture!

But even with better tools and paint designed especially for furniture, there are still tons of tips and tricks to do it better, saving time and money.


115 Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts When Painting Furniture


That’s where Allison from Refunk My Junk comes in, author of an awesome e-book, The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting.

Even though I’m not new to painting furniture, there were still tons of things I didn’t know!

In this book, she shares 115 tips, tricks, and shortcuts on painting furniture.

Have a look inside of her book to see everything she covers. It’s shock-full of good stuff:



A Few of my Favorite Tips!

I’m almost embarrassed to admit I didn’t know these things! Here are some of my favorite tips to save some time and money when painting furniture:

  • When painting cabinets, use vasoline to protect the hinges from paint if you don’t want to ruin them with paint! No need to remove hinges! Saves a lot of time. :).
  • Did you know dipping brushes into a paint can can contaminate the paint? Allison gives tips on keeping paint fresh!
  • After you’ve removed the knobs from a dresser you’re painting, use chopsticks in the holes to open and close the drawers while paint is wet! (Why did I never think of that?!)

There are 112 more awesome tips in this book!


Download a Copy!

If you’d like to download your own copy for just $9.99, you can get it from Allison’s website:


Download a Copy_button



Click here to download The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting


After you’ve downloaded your copy, let me know what tip helped you the most! 🙂





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