Here’s what Karen wanted to do with her kitchen prior to getting started:

“Update an outdated kitchen. Painting the cabinets, decluttering the cabinets. Ditching the computer that does not work. Replacing it with a BISTRO table. Update window treatments and half bath of kitchen.” ~Karen



Karen's Kitchen  4


Karen's Kitchen 6


Karen's Kitchen  3

Karen's Kitchen 5


Karen's Kitchen 2


Karen's Kitchen 1



Karen's Kitchen AFTER 1


Karen's Kitchen AFTER 2


Karen's Kitchen AFTER 3

 Here’s what Karen had to say afterwards:

My January goal was to clean de-clutter and paint my kitchen breakfast nook and half bath.  I finished most of the painting and de-cluttered the bath.  Here my kitchen and bath are after.   This was a huge amount of work.  I removed all the doors, cleaned and sanded doors, drawers, and frames.  then installed paintable wallpaper to the centers of all the doors.
Next I painted with Valspar  paint and primer flat.  I waxed the doors in the bathroom but decided it would take me forever to wax all the cabinets and my research told me that I would have to wax every 6 months or so to maintain the look!  Um no thank you.  DID  SAY THIS WAS A LOT OF WORK?  I’m not touching them again…I’ll sell first!
Karen's Kitchen AFTER 4
So I used a water clean up poly and did three coats of poly on everything.  Oh I also did three coats of paint on everything both sides of doors.  My hubby was guilted into painting the ceilings and doing the trim for me because I am not at all neat and he hates having irregular lines between the walls and ceilings.  I am extremely happy with the results.
I will use my February challenge to finish up the breakfast nook(we have not painted it yet), make curtains for the 1/2 bath and sink window,  de-clutter the kitchen cabinets, and install the door pulls, install new counter and backsplash (or paint both).  I need new screws for my pulls the one that came with the knobs are 1″ long my doors are 1 1/8″ thick!   I spent $90 on paint $30 on poly $50 on wallpaper and $156  on knobs.  So a completely new looking kitchen for around $375.
Thanks for letting me participate in this challenge, I may have never had the drive to finish such a big project if I didn’t have this challenge to motivate me.

Karen's Kitchen AFTER 5


Karen's Kitchen AFTER 6


Karen's Kitchen AFTER 7

Wow, this looks like a whole new kitchen! The white really brightens up the place. Great job!!!

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