Even in its “BEFORE state before joining my 30-Day June Room Challenge, Holly’s master bedroom was in great condition!


Holly's Master Bedroom - 30 Day June Room
But there’s no denying that she turned this room WAY up on “wow” factor at the end of the challenge!


Holly's Room 1
Why did you choose the room/space that you chose? 
“I chose to transform my master bedroom because it had been neglected for a long time. Like many things in a mom’s life, the kids’ needs came first and their room had many upgrades that mine did not. However, my room had become a little overwhelming. I added photos and other treasures to it all the time, but never really removed things. It was becoming cluttered. The DIY painting I had done on the fireplace was peeling off, leaving a spotty mess of old brown and older orange. My DIY mantle just collected more clutter. The walls were too bold for my current taste. It wasn’t a room where I felt relaxed or at peace. The word “oasis” did not apply.”~HollyI wanted to change the fireplace, the flooring, the paint color, organize and quiet my work space (which is in the bedroom), and remove some furnishings and photos and art – all of which I loved – because the huge space was feeling small and untidy. I wanted to create a space of sanctuary for me and my husband.
How cool is that to have a FIREPLACE in your master bedroom?! COZY…..Love it!


Holly's Master Bedroom2 - 30 Day June Room Challenge



What was the biggest “challenge” of this challenge? What stumped you? Also, what was the “easiest” part?

“The biggest challenge for me was picking the tile for the fireplace. I have had a deep dislike for this awkward fireplace since we bought the house. I had retiled the *same* version in the family room, hated it still, and ripped the whole thing out. But, one can only rip out so many fireplaces without losing home value. I wanted to hide it, and searched for years (occasionally) and months (vigorously) to find a way to make it “go away.” Finally, I decided to try to let it shine, and picked a bolder (still neutral) natural stone tile. To quiet the area, I removed the DIY mantle I had built, hence also eliminating my ability to further “decorate” it with cards and photos. I was really nervous about this choice, and agonized over it… but I love the finished look more than I could have hoped. Also, I should have painted the rusty black case *before* retiling… but I didn’t realize how bad it looked until the new tile went in! That nearly gave me a heart attack, as I painted black enamel so close to the new ivory stone. 🙂

The easiest part was listening to the sound of the papers that I scanned and removed from my desk get ground to a pulp. The sweet, sweet music of organization. :)”~Holly



I’m loving her workplace area!!! With a nice warm fire behind you in the winter….mmmm….. The fireplace is gorgeous!

Holly's Room 2


Here’s what Holly had to say about her room:

“My much tidier workplace area, with a proper inbox and no piles of papers waiting to be filed!  New seagrass trashcans (put a blue ribbon on the recycling) also help to soften the appearance of the office space.  I stole an old chair that I used to use in my practice for the desk, but I’m hoping to find a more comfortable and also attractive solution in the weeks ahead.  I like that it’s easier now to look outside when I am at my desk, even though the computer screen is more visible.”


Holly is transforming the fireplace to natural stone in her master bedroom.



Holly's Room 3


What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to tackle a room or space?

“Perfect is the enemy of good. ~Voltaire

When you can’t get what you want (a new fireplace, in my case, due to budget) sometimes, you must compromise with yourself and just do something to make things better. Work within your budget and do what you are able, accepting that every house will need continual efforts to make it your home.”~Holly


Has this Room Challenge impacted your life for the better? How so?

“I really enjoyed the encouragement from the other members and from you. It was very inspiring. It was fun to post progress on Facebook and kept me motivated. It helped make the work fun.

I learned from and was inspired by the other members, for certain! “~Holly

Holly's Room 4


I love the floors and how clean and minimal things are! The color is soothing, too! JEALOUS, Holly….just sayin’….. She did a wonderful job!!!


Want to make over a room in your house, too? Even just to declutter it and enjoy the shred of the paper, like Holly did? 😉 JOIN IN!

August Room Challenge!





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