Connie from Creatively Renewed joined the 30-Day June Room Challenge because she had been putting off turning her spare junk room into a master bedroom for herself. Here’s her before:


Connie's turning this spare bedroom into her master bedroom


AFTER….Kitty and all! 🙂


Connie's Room 1


Connie is in the market for a new camera because she just couldn’t capture the color of her new comforter “just right.” Don’t you hate when that happens?! Cell phone pics should be crystal clear and spot-on at this point in the game. But I degress…..

Here’s what the comfortable really looks like. I think the darkness of the pic and the color the walls fool the eye. It looks so relaxing!

Connie's new comforter

Why did you choose the room/space that you chose? 

“I chose this room because it is the first of 3 rooms that I have been putting off for years. This room became a clutter keeper. The room that I shut the door and ignored. It was so full of junk that I just didn’t want to deal with it. This challenge called to me and this was the kick in the butt I needed to get it done. I needed to reclaim some space in my house.”~Connie


This room is in a more quiet part of the house



What was the biggest “challenge” of this challenge? What stumped you? Also, what was the “easiest” part?

“The biggest challenge of this challenge was letting go and just doing it. I had to forget about this dishes and the dusting in the rest of the house and just get this done. I am so glad I did. The mess in the rest of the house is there for a reason and it can be cleaned up. Which is exactly what I am going to do over the next week or so. I’m sure it won’t take me THAT long.

The easiest part was creating and using my imagination. My mind was always thinking of one clever idea after another. I feels great to get back to that place again.”~Connie


Connie's Room 2


You know….what Connie said is absolutely right. One of the hardest part for my laundry room makeover, too, was letting the rest of my house “go” for awhile. Everything had to be cleared out of the laundry room, and the closest place was the living room. It’s hard for me to deal with lots of clutter. It was overwhelming. But when you’re doing a room makeover, you have to let the rest of the house “be” or you’ll fall into the trap of just moving clutter from place to place instead of just dealing with the room you’re working on!

Connie's Room 3

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to tackle a room or space?

“My advice to anyone who wants to tackle a room like we did here in this challenge is to just do it. Don’t worry about what’s right or wrong. These are spaces that just sat and made us unhappy. It’s your space do what makes you happy. No rules.”~Connie

Connie's Room 4



Has this Room Challenge impacted your life for the better? How so?

“Doing this room gave me new inspiration to keep going. Now that I am inspired, I can channel my creative thoughts and energy the way I always wanted but I couldn’t because I was stuck.”~Connie


Great work, Connie!

For those of you who would love to sign up for the 30-Day August Upgrade Challege, we’d love to have you! We all have rooms and spaces that need updating and upgrading. No more excuses!

August Room Challenge!




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