Here’s what Cindi had to say about her hallway before she got started:

“I have an ugly old hallway that has a plywood pieced floor, original (peeling) plaster ceilings and plaster walls. The bedroom doors looked nice about 30 years ago, but, they weren’t anything great then, either – just much better than the yucky ones that were there when we bought the house. We salvaged what we could, re-doing the house and scraped, stripped and refinished as much as we could. It had been a rental property for landlords who lived out-of-state for over 30 years, and they hadn’t been in it for most of those years. By the time we saw it, the lot it was on was the only value (location, location). But, I’ve always loved old houses and thought this one had possibilities! I’m an optimist – just ask my family!

My goal is to save as much of the original plaster walls and ceilings as I can, repair, repaint, strip and repair the upstairs hall railing – which is much too low by today’s safety standards, and make it something I’m not afraid for people to see. I have in mind a blue ombre wall at the top of the stairs.”



Cindi's Hallway


Cindi's Hallway


Cindi's Hallway


Cindi's Hallway


Cindi's Hallway


Cindi's Hallway



Cindi says: “It is almost totally stripped down to the bare bones – no clutter, no bookcases, no Christmas ornaments.  Got a way to go with this project, but, the clutter is GONE!”


Cindi's Hallway IN PROGRESS 2


Cindi's Hallway IN PROGRESS 1


Cindi's Hallway IN PROGRESS 3


Cindi's Hallway IN PROGRESS 4


Keep going, Cindi! Way to go on clearing the clutter! I can’t wait to see the finished “AFTER!” 🙂


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