Last month I challenged my readers and me to find the ugliest piece of furniture, home decor, etc. to make over for the Ugly April challenge. Most of us are pretty crafty, but “life” sometimes gets in the way. I decided that we’d all take time from our busy schedules to make DIY priority with a good ‘ole “ugly” makeover!


Lindsay’s Ugly Chairs

Lindsay planned to do these chairs for a friend’s office! The friend’s office theme is purple, so she knew the perfect way to refinish them! She did a great job.


Lindsay's chair before



lindsay's chairs after

lindsay's chairs after 2

Eileen’s Ugly Side Table Makeover

Eileen did a gorgeous job on this side table!!


Eileen's table



Eileen's table after

 Jane’s Ugly Table Makeover


jane's table before



jane's table after


Letty’s Ugly Crafter’s Workstation

Started out as a couple of vintage tins (bottom ones already primed) a wooden candle holder, a metal candle holder, a tooth brush holder, and a vintage lazy susan. Now it’s a crafter’s workstation that revolves for easy access.


letty's craft before



Letty's craft tower after


Sophia’s Ugly Chalkboard Makeover

Sophia’s working on a bureau. She took the mirror that was originally attached to the bureau, removed the broken mirror and turned the back into a chalkboard. She had an old picture frame so she painted that as well and inserted a piece of cork board.  She used homemade chalk paint and MinWax polish for the painted frames and Krylon’s blackboard paint for the chalkboard.

Well done, Sophia!


Sophia's chalkboard


Maria’s Ugly Chair Makeover

Maria stripped the chair completely and added new foam and batting. She has an identical one just like it. Now she has to figure out if she will match it or do a different look. I love the fabric!!! Well done, Maria!!

maria's chair


Susan’s Ugly Chair Makeover


Susan's chair before



Susan's chair after


Susan's chair after 2

Jamala’s Ugly Metal Chair

When I said to find something ugly, Jamala ran with it! This chair was uuuuuugggly! Way to choose a good on, Jamala! 🙂


jamala's metal-chair before

She also found this retro ashtray.

jamala's chair and metal ash tray

New paint, a stencil, and a new cushion, they’re back in business in her yard! You can read more about her makeover on her blog.


jamala's metal-chair after

Tracy’s Shelf

She’s put the shelf in her shop and loves it!!

tracy's project

Thanks for joining the challenge, ladies! Hopefully you’re inspired to find more ugly stuff, which has so much potential!


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