Thrift Diving receives 174K page views per month (current as of June 2021), with 128K Users. Two to three weekly emails are sent to over 30K email followers.

Social Media Presence – June 2021

392,000 YouTube followers with 39.3M lifetime views and 2.6M lifetime | 35K Facebook fans |  | 84.2K Pinterest followers with 8.3M monthly views | 30K Email Subscribers | 9.6K Instagram followers | 2.1K Twitter followers 


Sponsored Posts, Sponsored Videos, and Brand Awareness Campaigns

Thrift Diving has worked with many well-known brands, such as The Home Depot, Frog Tape, and HomeRight, and partners ongoing with RYOBI Power Tools and Arrow Fastener. Thrift Diving also creates product videos for various products on

Below are links to several most popular sponsored content on and Thrift Diving’s YouTube page:


Products and services promoted on Thrift Diving and on Thrift Diving’s YouTube channel must be do-it-yourself (DIY), home and garden, or money-saving related (or must be able to easily tie into those niches). All promotional posts are personally written by me and center on relevant projects and topics that interest my audience.

All sponsored posts and videos must disclose that they were sponsored and must include “no-follow” links. Thrift Diving doesn’t accept payments for “do-follow” links and does not accept pre-written guest posts. Emails requesting do-follow paid link schemes will be deleted and senders will be blocked immediately.


Product Review Posts

Thrift Diving features products and services that are relevant to its audience. If a product is sent for review, there is no guarantee that I’ll write a standalone post about the product. However, I will definitely test the product and provide feedback. The product may be used for an upcoming project. In that case, an Amazon affiliate link for the product may be included in the post. If an Amazon affiliate link isn’t available, a direct link to the product on the manufacturer’s or seller’s page may be provided.

If a product did not perform as expected, I will not post a negative or damaging review. However, I will provide constructive feedback on why it may not be a product I can recommend to my audience.

Want to Work With Me?

Send an email to [email protected] with more information. I look forward to working with you!


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