What Trish had to say about her creative thinking room before she got started:

“My craft room is in dire need of organizational intervention! Ever since we moved into our current rental in September, it has been a disaster. My boyfriend took the only 2 two tables I had, so I have absolutely NO horizontal work space at all! Because of my hectic work schedule and the holidays, things that started from boxes became things that ended up tossed on the floor. I am so embarrassed about this room, that the door stays constantly closed! Because I sell most of my crafts, I need much needed work surfaces and tons of storage and organizational tools to create the room I had envisioned when we moved in. I do have a good start though- I did manage to paint the room before the chaos started!”~Trish



Trish's Creative Thinking Room


Trish's Creative Thinking Room


Trish's Creative Thinking Room




Trish's Creative Thinking Room



Trish's creative thinking room AFTER 1


Trish's creative thinking room AFTER 3

What Trish had to say about her room:

This is my creative thinking room AKA my craft room.  My biggest accomplishment with this challenge was clearing the floor of all the clutter and finding a ‘home’ for it.  Some of it got organized in the room, some got packed and moved to the garage (holiday decorations), and some got donated.  My “desk” is made of Craigslist finds and a store discounted door.

I glued a yardstick to the front to make measuring easier. (Serena says: GENIUS! I can’t ever find my yardsticks for measuring! The kids use them as swords! LOL)

Trish's creative thinking room AFTER 2

The chair was given to me.  The shelves and pegboard were my biggest expense.  I already had the brackets, paint (and supplies), and hardware on hand.  The bakers rack came out of my craft booth, but I got that for free and cut old boards to size for the shelves.  I had an over-the-door spice rack from our previous place that will temporarily hold my paints.  We decided late in the game that we wanted a guest space too, but it is currently not in the budget.  I still need to hang curtains, touch up some paint, buy a bed and linens, and possibly a dresser.  I can’t believe that I have down-sized so much!  It doesn’t look like I have much, but that is because it all has been tucked away and the extra space gives me an excuse to buy more stuff!

I have spent less than $60 on this challenge and that makes me happy!

Trish's creative thinking room AFTER 4


Wow, what a decluttered space to get those brain cells thinking again! Well done!

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